Sex with a stranger Part 2.

6:30am Thursday
Ochuwa opened her eyes and took a peek at her phone “7 missed calls” from Bisola, her pings and messages doubled that so she sent a quick message to Bisola saying she was fine and switched off her phone to avoid the hailstorm of calls that would have followed. before sneaking away from the stranger who slept peacefulLY beside her,she realised she still didn’t know his name and this made her feel like a slut for a second,but when she remembered how good he fucked her the previous night,such thoughts where quickly banished.3mins later she was in her own clothes.  heels in hands, she checked her location using the GPS ON her phone before requesting a cab from metrotaxi. as she slowly crept out of the house careful not to make a sound she took one last look at the stranger who had blown her mind.
Ochuwa was so sure she would be late , being a PR consultant working for herself she thought she would have more time for herself but reverse was the case. 15mins to her appointment and she was still stuck on third mainland bridge with a terrible hangover she silently blamed the events of last night for her lateness ,she COULD as well turn back home than face the wrath of her new clients,By some miracle she got to adeola odeku and was only 20mins late. She  stumbled into the elevator, adjusted her clothes and practised her winner smile. as she walked into the big office and apologised for being late SHE MADE EYE CONTACT WITH THE STRANGER. Ochuwa lost her voice,she was suddenly deaf and dumb and probably blind as she struggled to maintain composure,she was aware of the voices calling her name obviously but  her mouth was dry and the initial surprise on his face was replaced by a little SMILE playing on the corner of his lips. there was no way her hunky stranger from last night could be the new client she had spent the last 3months trying to land….
We are ready when you are,he said with the same authority in his voice like the previous night and Ochuwa snapped back to reality and started mapping out her PR strategies which she hoped to apply,before asking if her they had any questions …Do your strategies include running off without waking your partner??? Ochuwa wasn’t sure what she had just heard and stood transfixed looking at him not sure how to answer,well no sir but it certainly doesn’t involve taking a drunk lady home and getting her naked without her permission,her words shocked even her,his eyes were dancing with amusement as he replied; yes it does if she starts throwing up on my car before passing out in now his STAFF were not sure what was going on but they stood up all at once and asked to leave but he waved them down to “please seat her presentaion isn’t done” he said,but Ochuwa would have none of this as she packed up her file and set towards the door,but SHE felt his hand grab her as she walked towards the door and she was weak instanly as he pulled her along with him,by now all the staff in the office had their jaws dropped..
My name is Raymond don’t call me sir again,he said with a stern voice she nodded in affirmative as she trunged along with him and soon they where in an elevator.Why did u leave without waking me up this morning he asked giving her a piercing look,Ochuwa couldn’t answer she realised she didn’t even know why either,I didn’t want to wake you up she lied, he walked closer standing inches from her and smiled,grabbed her waist and pulled her closer and planted the hottest kiss she had ever experienced on her,her legs felt like jellys instantly and she struggled for balance,everything began moving TOO fast and in seconds his blazers was on the floor and her hair was IN A mess..wait we’RE in AN elevator anyone can come in,its my private elevator no one comes in replied huskily and continued kissing her,she had thought of his dick all morning despite her crazy morning and now she was gonna have it,she pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming as she unzipped his pants and grabbed his dick stroking it,Raymond wasted no time,he had woken up that morning to find out she was gone and all he had thought of ever since was ramming his dick into her and that was exactly what he was gonna do, Ochuwa was a human fountain she was soaking wet as Raymond dipped his index finger into her pussy and felt her warmth and tasted her,she tasted the same or even better he would say so he turned her around put her hands on the elevator door spread her legs apart,unziped her skirt and pulled it above her waist before grabbing her ass,he reached into his back pocket grabbed his wallet and pulled out a condom before slipping it on while ochuwa twirled her waist with inpatient desperation and just when she wasn’t expecting him he rammed into her going all the way in,ochuwa let out a loud moan and bit her lips to hold back her moans while he gave her time to adjust to his length,hold on to those bars he ordered her, before pounding her 10 fast strokes 3 shorts strokes 5 quick strokes going harder and faster,Ochuwa didn’t anticipate this,her legs were wobbly the exhiliration from the way he fucked her drove her mad as he kept pounding soon she was falling to the floor hanging only by the door bar as she squirted all over the place. he held her In place as he shot his load and kept fucking her till his dick got limp,get dressed he ordered we are going back to my place,Ochuwa didn’t argue …to be continued.


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