SEX with a Stranger part1…. rated 18

Ochuwa could not really figure out why Nosa treated her this way,as she sat in her car weeping while the rain poured down, her mind wandered back to how her day became a mess, it was Nosa’s birthday and he was meant to be away on a business trip in portharcourt or at least that’s what he told her and she had believed until she saw his car at GRA ikeja and her instinct had forced her to follow him,the trip had led them to protea hotel where she saw him wak into the lobby  with a darkskinned bombshell grabbing her by the waist like he was scared she was gonna disappear while she had her hands all over him like she was warning girls off him,the looks in their eyes told her all she needed to know ..her Boyfriend was cheating on her…the Benin girl in her told her to go after them and pull out the girl’s hair but ochuwa had never really been one who liked drama and she was about to start certainly not for a guy so she just Sat in her car and cried…
After what seemed like endless hours of weeping she wiped her eyes started her car and drove off to nowhere in particular,and for reasons unknown to her she picked up her phone and called Nosa,after 3 missed calls he sent her a text saying he was busy in a meeting. She sighed and called her best friend Bisola told her she was coming and 20 mins later she was crying and pouring out her feelings on Bisola’s shoulder even has Bisola consoled her she had that I told u so face..

Oya wipe your face stop crying let me get you something to wear,we are going out,because the best way to get over a man is to take a couple shots of vodka and get under another man,Bisola had announced out and was going through her wadrobe looking for the sexiest thing she could find for Ochuwa to wear while Ochuwa stared at her friend with sadness in her eyes,she knew there was nothing she could do to budge Bisola so she didn’t bother arguing,Bisola called a cab and told Ochuwa they would be too drunk to drive home so didn’t need to take their cars,Ochuwa had simply nodded and followed her slowly out the house and into the cab.
Soon they sat at a pub somewhere in ajah with Bisola flirting and smiling at every guy while forcing Ochuwa to take shots of vodka and tequila with her,and as expected after the 6th shot ochuwa had loosened up and was dancing until the nausea hit her,she was gonna puke, and she hadnt been there before she didn’t know where the bathroom was and she couldn’t ask so without letting Bisola know she did the next thing that came to her light head and ran outside to the car park and began to throwup,just as she started she felt a hand on her neck raising up her hair from covering her face and steadying her from falling,soon she was done and stood up while the hands offered her an hanky and a bottle of water,and all along she thought it was Bisola until a deep voice said you shouldn’t drink so much u know here have a seat the stranger said and opened his car and helped her in while he turned on the Ac,the cold water and AC helped clear her head a bit,apparently she was Vomiting beside his car on his tires actually  when he saw her and helped her oh shit am sorry I need to call my friend shes inside , If you are talking about your lightskinned friend I saw her leave with a guy and she was just as messed up as you The stranger had said,from his voice she could tell he was irritated,where do you stay let me drop you off?  Magodo phase 2 Ochuwa replied and the stranger started his car reversed out the lot and sped off
40mins later they where in magodo but when he asked where in magodo she stayed she was fast asleep and he just sat there watching her sleep damm she was beautiful so he decided to drive home instead,she was petite so he easily carried her up the stairs to his pent house apartment she had vomit on her dress and he wasn’t gonna let her sleep in that, so he stripped her while cursing himself  for what he felt was a necessary violation and took her to the shower the cold water startled her but she wasn’t quite awake as he wrapped her in a towel and took her to his bedroom slipped a big blue tshirt over her put her dirty clothesin the washing machine and laid on the couch before dosing off

Ochuwa wokeup with a terrible headache and as her eyes cleared to the unfamiliar bedroom she panicked and panicked even more when she realised she was naked under the blue shirt ,she quickly checked herself and was relieved to realise nothing had been done to her before tip toeing out the room to know what the hell was going she got to what turned out to be the living room with the light from the television left on she saw a figure sprawled out on the couch and as she got closer she bumped into a table she hadnt seen sending the flower vase on it crashing to the floor….
  What the bloody hell!! The figure who happened to be a guy lunged for a light switch and put it on blinding me and just then memories of what happened flooded my mind from my vomiting to getting into the stranger’s car while he just stood there shirtless standing at akimbo damm he was ripped and cute ..what did u say?? The stranger asked a lil smirk on his face, shit I had just said that he was ripped and cute out loud she thought  and that seemed funny to her because she started laughing while he looked on and soon joined her laughing for God knows what…and as she laughed memories of what happened with Nosa crawled into her head and she started crying,the stranger who is now confused looks on not sure what to do wraps her into a hug and she continues crying on his chest..soon she’s telling him what happened with Nosa while he listens camly when she done he cleans her eyes and says quietly if i had a lady as beautiful as you,i would never cheat on you,your boyfriend gotta be the biggest idiot of the year,those words seemed to melt Ochuwa as she looked at him before leaning up and kissing him,eventhough he knew kissing her at her vulnerable moment was wrong it felt so right kissing her as their kisses got more intended and heated,Ochuwa was going for everything at the same time she was lost in him,nobody had ever kissed her this way not even Nosa,he was calm and twirled her tongue while she reached into his boxers and grabed his dick,the stranger gasped and grabbed her ass pulling her closer into him then kisses her neck and continues down before raising the teeshirt over her neck and laying her down on the couch,he wanted to please this stranger and he wasnt sure he starts kissing her blazing a hot trail from her neck to her nipples and down to her well shaved pussy,Ochuwa purred at d extreme pleasure she was feeling Nosa had never done this to her yet he was driving her mad,as his tongue sort her clit he grabbed her thighs while she reached and pulled his hair in in pure passion as he pleasure her core,she orgasmed violently still pulling on his hair,he let her catch her breathe as he walked back to the room and came back holding a pack of condoms by now ochuwa was seated waiting for him and as he got closer he reached for his dick releasing it from his boxers and putting it in her mouth,Gosh he wass huge and for a second she wondered she could she accomodate all of him into her tight pussy but quickly waivered that thought away as she tasted his precum,he pushed her off his dick and she fell back to the couch watching him as he put the condom on and she spread her legs one on the floor the other on the back of the couch and urged him in,she clawed at his back and rolled her waist trying to adjust to his massive size ,he grabbed her ass and buried himself deep inside her and started strokin Ochuwa screamed in both pleasure and pain and started rocking faster urging him to go faster and he did till he felt her pussy tighten around his dick and he turned her around, she held the arm of the chair as he plungedinto her once again and started fucking her senseless soon she couldnt maintain the doggy stance and was thrashing all over the place but he was relentless and he pinned her waist down and kept fucking her till he felt his cum build up she was moaning so loud he was sure every one in the other apartments where awake by now,he came hard and she orgasmed with him before taking off the condom and rolling off to the floor while she fell on him and cuddled close soon they were fast asleep….to be continued ….crazinigerian


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