Stolen Pop goes the cherry rated 18

Bibi looked at the current pornstars fucking-action her boyfriend showed her on the screen, turned her face away and mumbled into her book. She was not interested in watching porn unlike her boyfriend who was practically an addict. She felt uncomfortable around him when he indulged in his favourite past time. Pushing herself into a more comfortable posture, Lying on her stomach, her breasts hugged the pillows, her tummy, hips and thighs stretched behind, legs crossed. Bibi lost herself in the pages of the historical romance novel she was devouring, her mind wandered and fantasized as she replaced herself with the fiery red headed virgin character in the book, she imagined a broad shouldered Scottish man sweeping her off her feet, ravishing her till her body blushed deep pink, not that it would ever happen, seeing as she is a black woman, but surely she thought her fair delicate skin could blush. She felt his hand slide up her skirt and sighed, he always got like this when he watched porn.His hand cupped her round fleshy mound, squeezing and rubbing lightly, his hand on his cock. Bibi gave him disgusted look and proceeded to ignore him totally, still he went on pleasuring himself, she expected to hear his sharp intake of breath or cussing when he reached his climax and she waited for it. After what seemed like 7 minutes to her, he had not had his usual fap- to- glory session, Bibi turned to look at him. She had been so lost in her book that she had not heard him shutting off the porn video. There he was staring at her with a strange expression on his face. “What’s the matter David? Her brows furrowed as she asked. “Why don’t you love me? He replied quietly “I don’t understand, of course I love you Dave” she replied a little annoyed about the turn of conversation, here we go again, she thought, my drama king. “So explain to me why you won’t let me make love to you? He said, looking determined. “Remember what happened the last time we tried? It hurt Dave, it hurt badly, besides sex don’t mean I love you.”“Why don’t we try again?“Like right now?“Do you have a particular time in mind for it? He asked his tone slightly irritated.“No”“So? What’s stopping us?“Just leave me alone” she said with finality in her voice. Recognizing this, David got up and left the room. Bibi glanced back at her book, the words ran into each other as she looked at it unseeingly while she mused. To be fair to David he had been really patient with her, at 22 she was still a virgin, she had come to be comfortable with it, she knew all about making love and sex, heck her big sisters talked about it all the time, her friends schooled her constantly on the latest techniques. But it didn’t help when he touched her body and her blood ran wild and hot, she had thought about making love to him over and over again, they had even tried twice but she always clamped down out of fear or pain. She turned and put on the porn flick he had been watching, she watched as the starlet of the show sucked on her partner’s huge phallus, licking and sucking it with gusto she could equal only to licking ice cream. She shuddered to think of such a huge cock drilling into her virgin territories. She slipped her finger into her waist band and touched herself tentatively, she was moist, looking at the screen, the porn-starlet was moaning loudly, her arse in the air as Mr huge phallus slammed into her pussy, she seemed to be enjoying it, Bibi’s pussy filled up as she watched the pleasure etched on the faces of the porn-stars. They are just acting she thought, it’s not real, but it didn’t make her pussy throb any lesser, one hand moved to a nipple and squeezed, it was erect and alive. Her finger beat against her taut nub, a moan escaped from her lips, she couldn’t believe she was masturbating to porn. David walked into the room, intent on apologizing to Bibi over his attitude, he had no right to force her till she was ready, after all it’s not like he was sexually starved, since one of the area skanks gave him regular fuck whenever he felt like. What he saw brought his cock to steel hardness, here was his holy virgin Bibi moaning and touching herself to his “Fuck me hard” porn video, he blinked twice to be sure and closed the door softly behind him. Slipping behind her, he cupped her unoccupied breast and squeezed, kissed her behind the ear and trailed his lips to her neck“that’s it baby, go on” he urged her, placing his hand over hers at her clit, he mimicked her movements and directed her properly, delving a finger in and out of her wet cunt, making sure he didn’t dig in too far. He turned her over and kissed her lips, her eyes told him she was ready to be ravished. His mouth captured one brown nipple and sucked on it, her back arched up as sensations traveled down her body, goose bumps appearing and disappearing. Moving his hands to her waist, he grabbed her slim love handles and shifted down, lips to cunt. He breathed in her juice filled cunt, it smelled really good, and kissed it, her body quaked at his touch, her head thrown back as she took in novel feelings. His tongue dipped in and out of her tender pussy, pressing and beating against her engorged clit,Her breath came in gasps as she felt a weird intense feeling travel up her spine, her body felt hot, ears buzzed with a thousand sounds. Dave withdrew his mouth from her cunt and looked at her flushed face, her eyes tightly shut, he watched waves of emotions and feelings flit across her face, yes she was ready, now or never he thought. He pushed the tip of his cock against her opening, her eyes flew open, alarm , fear and uncertainty etched over.“sssshhhhshh baby, don’t worry, it would hurt briefly” he whispered against her mouth. Her legs tensed as she waited for him to penetrate. “I’m scared” her voice squeaked out. “It’s okay to be scared” he said and kissed her lips. He pushed his cock in some more, and felt her hips stiffen, he looked into her widened eyes. “Let me love you baby, don’t tense up” his eyes pleaded with her. She relaxed for a minute, and felt an intense pain as he tore through her hymen, breaking down her barriers. He pushed his cock into her and held her, not moving as she accommodated him, she was hot and tight, he pushed aside the urge to thrust into her wildly. Her pussy clamped around his cock like a vice, he steadied his beating heart, blood flowed into his cock so fast, he had an insane desire to fuck her senseless and spill his spunk . Is this all? Bibi asked with a perplexed look.“No baby, this is prelim” And he moved.His thrusted into her slowly, very slowly…kissing her throat and her breasts, cupping her fleshy arse and squeezing as he built up the rhythm, his long cock filled her up, he knew she felt pain but there was no way he could stop just yet. Her pussy moistened up as she took him in fully, fighting the craze to go faster, he paused and kissed her eyes, brows, ear, nose…her hips pushed up mimicking his movement, she grabbed his back, her nails dug into his butt, as her pleasure mingled with pain, reaching up to kiss him. It was too much for him to bear, letting out a moan, he rammed into her tight wet cunt, and heard her sharp intake of breathe, she didn’t push him off, but met him half way like she had been told by her friends, her body acted on its own accord, knowing what to do instinctively. Taking one soft breast into his mouth, Bibi’s juices exploded, her mind became a blank haze as she screamed out his name, surfing on the wave of pleasure. Dave couldn’t hold himself anymore as her muscles clenched even tighter around his cock, he shot into her with the force of a piston, and kept on thrusting, his groans of pleasure mingled with hers, as they climaxed together. Breathing hard, he looked down at her beautiful face beaming up at him, at last she was totally his, the sight of her virginal blood beneath them made him feel warmth and certain love for her, as he looked at her flushed face, sweat beaded her skin and his chest. He pulled out of his slightly hard cock out of her , and spooned against her arse. Kissing her lips As he whispered more promises of more pleasure to come into her ear…End. 


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