Easter specials rated 18

Have known Grace way back from high school,she was the quiet nerd with the biggest smile and glasses in class while i was the cool rich kid and basketball champ in school,we never said a word to each other for 6years we were worlds apart right down to graduation,though i wouldnt say I didn’t notice her tho,she was usually the butt of my, esn jokes which was ironic because she was as flat as a tray.
Fastfoward 8years to the future
I walked into the conference room,and apologised for my lateness motioning for the group to begin their presentation while opening my folder before looking up and then I saw her 5 ft 11 inches tall a killer body with an ass to die for even her glasses had been replaced by contact lens,Daammm there was no way in hell this could be the same Grace from high school then she introduced herself and started her presentation,truth be told I didt hear a word she said how could I?? With an ass like that
So what do you think??
Huh??  My COO had startled me back to reality ..sure I think it was really good,we would contact you by Monday with the contract agreement I managed to say not having any clue what I was liking. The only thing I would like now is to fuck Grace on the big ass table in my office or better still on dis long conference table …as the group stood up to leave mainly by impulse I tapped Grace can I have a word with you…

Grace POV
When my boss told me a week earlier about the presentation at the Valencia group my heart skipped a bit not like I hadn’t gibin presentations and won contracts at big companies before but this was the Valencia group and the head of the lagos office happened to be my childhood crush Alex bamidele and then he walked in late all height and muscles wearing a suit and cologne that could turn a nun on ,damm I could have fainted right there,and he kept staring at me all through my presentation and just when I thought  he tapped

Alex Bamidele pov
Sorry did you by any chance attend kings way international school?? I asked and she said yes with a blush saying she remembered me and soon we were chatting like old friends in the conference room,so I led the way to my office and she took a call and asked her coworkers to leave without her.
“Cancel all my appointments for the rest of today ” told my secretary as  i held the door for her to walk in and noticed the awe on her face as she looked around and on an impulse again I walked up to her and kissed shii I had to do sumfin about my impulse today before I get a sexual harrasment lawsuit but not like I was that surprised she returned the kiss

Grace POV

How we started kissing , I can never tell, but one minute, his hands squeezed my erect nipples into peaky submission, my body flushed deep pink as he kissed every part of my body. Biting my shoulder blades, my arms goosed into a rough terrain of bumps. He pushed me gently on the table and cleared it pushing everything to the floor with his right hand and kissed my stomach, I was just so damn impatient, a thought crossed through my head “what are you doing? And got its reply “I’m getting laid”.He raised my skirt up lifted my legs up and  up, over my shoulders , wet dripping cunt in his face. His lips met my clean shaven mound, I drew in my breath, as he poised just over my pussy, admiring it “ he breathed into my cunt, as his tongue pressed against my clit, like a broken dam, my juice flooded his beards, my legs shook as I came, it was unbearable, I felt like a knot tightened itself and uncoiled at the same time, eyes rolled back, my breaths came in short gasps as he administered pleasure to my cunt, my back arched up and down, hips moved up and down, grinding against his mouth as waves hit me up, I clenched the edge of the table  so hard, I could swear my nails ripped through it. I pushed his head off, his beard was coated with my cum, he looked funny, I kissed his lips and reached down for his big black slightly curved cock, oh how I have wanted this !Getting out from underneath him, he got a rubber from his wallet  and i sheathed his cock.I sat on him, his cock drilled into me, paving way to my core, bringing pleasure along, moving up and down slowly, I acquainted myself with his pleasure rod, it fit so well and felt good.I rode his cock like a rodeo girl, pausing and pacing my thrust, doing a 360 on him, my arse to his face as I did the reverse cow girl on him. “Oh shit” he exclaimed damm were gonna break this table I thought . My arse slapped together as I went up and down, going faster as I closed on to my climax, he held to my love handles and met my thrusts with his from beneath, I couldn’t not hold back my moans or the single tear that trickled down my cheek as we came together. I got off his cock, my pussy still pulsing from action, fat and swollen; I got up gingerly, got some tissue from my bag and pulled the condom off his cock.Taking his slightly hard cock into my mouth, I licked his cap and sucked on it, he got harder, I smiled against his cock and took his balls into my mouth, pulling gently on the delicate skin, his moan and groans would be heard in the whole building I didn’t care, I was pretty sure his secretary was listening in, He pushed me on my back bending me on his reliable table nd pushed his hard length into my ready cunt, paused for a moment and said now I’ll fuck you till u can’t walk…the end..Crazinigerian


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