Claire’s Cookies Rated 18

I didn’t plan to go to lagos, atleast not until Claire stired up my imagination reminding me of the good old times and what she wanted to do to me..
Claire was the sexiest chick with the maddest ass on the block back in school,we ended up fucking in different positions and places all around campus until we had a fight and it was over for a couple of years until we kinda reconnected online and started chatting again but this time it was different there was the distance factor,she was in lagos and I was in Enugu working and always busy,she was finalizing her project and didn’t have time on her hands to make the trip down to enugu so we were both just stuck lost in our lust for each other wanting to reap each other apart while cursing the distance between us ,until I landed a big client for my company and my boss gave me two days off work,the best part is It was Thursday and Friday which meant i had 4 days to waste + my weekend and so without thinking too much I packed up a small bag that morning and ran to the airport calling Claire on my way that I would be in lagos in an hour or two…yipeee

8:15am Enugu airport
I noticed the heavy security presence at the airport but paid no mind to them as I waited impatiently for my boot to be checked so i could drive in and after a couple more checkpoints I was in
Me: please I need 1 ticket on the next available flight to lagos
attendant : am sorry sir but aside the first flight of 7:15 that just left no other flight would be leaving the airport today atleast not until the president arrives
me: Ahhh and when would he arrive??
Attendant : we don’t know sir until he arrives and the airport would still be held down until he leaves
Me : Ahan what kinda rubbish is dis ??!!!!
Attendant: please sir don’t raise your voice at me I don’t, make the rules
Scrufy soldier wey mata nor concern : Heeyyzzz wetin happen who dey make noise for there!!?
Me : nothing sir am just greeting my brother * I quickly answered before he decends on me*
Scrufy soldier wey mata nor concern : oya comot here before I count 2 abi u nor knw say Oga dey come!!!!..
As i walked back to my car sad I knew I should have done what every reasonable person would do which is wait but right now I wasn’t reasonable I was horny besides my car was still new just 3 months old  I thought to, myself as i started the engine and pulled out the car park and decided to drive all 6hrs to lagos  *sighs* am insane???  Yeah I knw Lord help me.
By  10am I was in onitisha and driving like a race car driver even though the pussy was still gonna be der regardless of whatever time I get there  and thanks to some fast and furious type of driving by 2:15pm I was in lagos and driving to the hotel I had reserved online and asked Claire to wait for me in.
20mins later and I pulled into the car park of Valencia suites and called claire she  was also at the car park and had just sorted the cabbie so i stood at the entrance and waited for her to walk up as i drank In her beauty and her body…
She was 5ft 9″
Light skinned
not much boobs just the perky portable type
Flat tummy slip waistlined which curved out and spilled to her incredible hips
And her Ass…….to describe her ass I would have to write another blog post for just her ass.
As she got closer I gave her a light hug and she said she missed me, we broke up the hug quickly and I wasn’t even sure why, got to the reception confirmed my reservation,I held her hands and led her as we followed the lobby boy to room 118, while trying to comport myself as he showed us the room turned on the air condition got his tip and asked us to enjoy our stay while I locked the door behind him,the moment the locked clicked…..
I grabbed Claire and kissed her so deep I could drown in her while holding her against the door,it was a mad rush I hadn’t even showered  we was going for my buttons while I went for her top struggling to get each other naked,then down to my jeans while I went for hers but this proved difficult skinny jeans can be bitchy and for the first time since we got into the room we broke the kiss and both tried to take off our own jeans mine was off first and I stood there dick hard as a rock she she shed her own and took off her earing and nose ring, my struggle with her jeans had resulted in me ruining her waist chain and she smiled seductively as she tosed it aside and reached to me to continue the kiss….*kiss ke!! I dinor drive 7hours + to comman kiss NA dis babe beta behave* I thought to myself as i dodged her lips grabbed her waist flipping her around and putting her against the wall,spread her legs with mine still holding her waist she pushed her ass out, I finally had the ass that had tortured me so badly and it was totally worth it she had dis stretch marks that gave her ass some kinda appeal as i buried my dick inside her, she put her right leg on the bed while she clawed at the wall,I stayed inside with, my full length I guess I was appreciating the moment for a few seconds because then I started pounding her deep and hard,till she was loosing balance,so I turned her around she knew what I wanted to do,we had been in this position before and she leaped into my arms her two laps on my Arms while I spread her apart and buried my dick into her once more,she pulled my hair screaming in painful pleasure as i fucked her hard,she kept yelling  yes yes yes!!!!!!! And I tossed her to the bed and once she touched the bed she turned around and assumed doggy position with her chest on the bed and ass up In the air waiting for me to devour her and oh yes I devoured her I fucked her deep using the poll of the bed to push myself forward so i could go deeper while I spanked her ass,her knees grew weary from the pounding and she fell to flat to the bed her moans muffled by the pillow she was bitting on while clawing at the bedsheet like she wanted to tear them so I took her arms and kept them behind her back cuffing her in this position while I kept fucking her juicy ass by now she was begging me to stop screaming shes sorry ,my 9inches dick was going in to deep and she was scared I would rearranging sumfin lol and I felt her pussy wall tighten even as my cum built I knew she wanted to cum and I let her have hers first watching her ass shake while she struggled with the wave that hit her,I felt my cum and withdrew spilling my seed  all over her ass and unhooking her hands …Geeeez Chris do you want to kill me,fucking me like I ofended u she said breathlessly as i collapsed on the matress beside her,I was tired and already feeling the stress of the hours i spent driving and was drifting off to sleep when I felt a warm mouth on my dick….Guess what we did all weekend..The end  ……..#crazinigerian 7976D6BE #addup


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