How I died rated 18

ESTHER: Come over by 3pm
Me: to your house??? Haba I dnt want wahala na what about your cousin and ur dad you want them to break my head

Esther:dad travelled and my cousin is gonna be at  his girlfriend’s place  for the rest of the week

me: (hiding the excitement in my voice) I’d see u by 3pm den ***drops call*

   Just in case u wondering Esther is the number one girl on my to do list but her father who is a colonel in the Army  was spoiling my market but now finally I was gonna get the kintus….I sharply washed one boxers putting it on my standing fan to dry faster,brushed my teeth for the 5th time while huming wizkids song joy …. today was gonna be bright and beautiful  I thought as I pulled out the driveway double checked the durex in my wallet…checked my breathe mouth odour confam ..I even shaved my armpit earlier and my pubic hair …I was ready for action and no witch from my village would interfere and so by 12:15pm I was out of my house in ikeja and racing like a NASCAR driver to ikoyi,just around Maryland Lastma officers waved me to stop if i hear!!! Lastma won’t stand between me and the kintus so I floored the pedal and had them scuring off the road like scared chickens hehehehe
2:53 pm
I arrived the front of her house without much hassle aside the traffic, the lastma drama earlier and the ugly soldier standing by the gate  good thing I left home early
Me: Hello ..babe am outside ur gate
Esther : OK love am coming

Choi…the way she called me love eeeeeh

Wanan aboki NA dan Allah karka gia ma Baba, ka birshi ya shiga Chi Esther said to the ugly soldier and squeezed some money into his hand while he smiled revealing a set of teeth that could win the war with boko haram hands down ..Gosh some people are ugly sha I thought while i alightened from my car..Martinz my baby!!! Esther screamed planting a quick kiss and on my lips and hugging me tight her nipples poking at my chest while I brought my hands slowly down to grab her ass but the look on the ugly soldiers face warned me other wise even as he quickly looked the other way(plausible denialbility ),Quick lets go inside before somebody sees us she said while leading me inside the vast mansion she called home

Colonel Audu Ochechi
If i miss my flight and don’t make it to Abuja on time General would have my head on a platter and this traffic was from hell i thought to my self while yelling at my driver Musa kayi saori ka kei ni airport mana ,,Eh sir Musa replied and swerved to the BRT lane  flooring the pedal and not up to 10mins on the BRT lane someone waved and stopped my car..imagine oh a whole me a colonel in the Nigerian army being stopped for what ..I jumped out my car ready to swallow whoever it was and then I saw him Governor babatunde RAji fashola of lagos state……..

Martinz et Esther (Coitus)
I beat my dick against the opening of her pussy, making a slap slap noise…her juices flowed, beckoned by my dick.
I slid in, slowly at first, as her walls parted for me,then i reached down and kissed her lips, teasing her left breast…pulling her up, i kissed her neck and turned her over kissing her back, causing goose bumps to spread all over her skin, she moaned and shivered from delight, i placed my hands on her ass and massaged them slowly…sliding my hands up to cup her breast,bent and kissed her shoulder blades, taking in her scent…she smelled of perfume, sweat and me.then i slipped my finger into her cunt sliding in and out, she was sticky wet.
She reached behind her, groping for my cock, eager to feel my hardness, she was ready to receive me
She turned over, gazing up at me, as she reached up and kissed me slowly but perfectly, her tongue probing the insides of my mouth, her lips merging with mine, taking in his lower With one finger, i eased the crotch of her thong to one side and looked at her pussy with darkened eyes. Grabbing my dick with one hand, i lazily caressed her clit with the other and watched her as i stroked myself and her simultaneously. Esthers  breathing became laboured. I stroked the length of my dick slowly and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her hips began to move, twisting and turning, trying to form a rhythm. I felt my pre-cum and parted her legs, spreading them as wide as i could. Positioning myself above her, i guided my dick towards her pussy. My slippery dick-head jammed with her clit, making her gasp. Still holding my dick, i began caressing her clit with my dick-head, moving it in circular motion… my pre-cum and her juice making the motion easier. Esther moaned and looked at my face .
I pushed the thong further away from her labia and slid my dick into her and sank my full length in.Esther gasp hung in the air between us her eyes widening at the impact. I began to move inside her, my pace fast. I wanted her so much and i knew i would cum quickly so i fucked her fast and deep and soon she began to buck under me moving her waist to my rhythm, lifting to receive my thrusts with an energy that made mockery of her small stature. Her wetness and the constant caress of her thong on my dick as i thrust into her made me almost cum so i yanked my dick out of her quickly,
Trying to think of ever other thing that would stop me from nutting but Esther would have none of that,standing up she led led me to the couch and pushed me on the before stradling me grabbing my hair in painful pleasure as my dick disappeared into her and started winning her waistslowly at first then faster screaming and raising the roof off the house as she clawed her my back while she fucked me sensless I knew I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer as Esther started vibrating yelling am gonma cum am gonna cum  before her German juice flowed down my dick and just as I was about to release my seed…the door was flunged open and Infront of me stood the colonel Esthers father with a undescriable look on his face as he looked down in his baby girl straddled on some strangers dick……….apparently the governor had his car impounded and he had to call abuja to explain what happened to an angry general and just when he thought the worst had happened he came home to us ……The  end.


8 thoughts on “How I died rated 18

  1. Martinz…hmmm…that’s the end of life ooooo…like you said for yourself a colonel in the military entered into his own house and he saw you banging his daughter on his own couch…ha.omo good bye…but you won her any ways base on the fact you knew you will cum quickly was why you fucked her fast you where smart but not smarter because the colonel got you finally.


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