My Ghost Story

Ehhh i want to vent o šŸ˜¦ doz of u working with condom company should come and advertise na watapaun ok that said enjoy.hehehehe

I had seen her again,long black silky hair glowing skin wearing the same blue gown she wore as always which matched her blue eyes,her presence filled the room and I crawled to a corner quivering in fear,growing up I had heard about ghosts and always thought them to be scary but no she wasn’t scary she was beautiful and as she called out my name it came out with an Echo surrounding me like a dancing troop moving around my head and just like the last time we made love,sweet sweaty love…..
Ā  I woke up sweating just like the last time,I had nutted my briefs and I sat by the edge of my bed disgusted by what had transpired in my dream,as the rain was pounding at my window I had concluded that I was going to see a pastor this time around but kept going back on my words,being the Heathen that I was I felt my presence in a church would probably scare the angels away but not anymore,I either had to see mental doctor or a pastor,I was officially running mad with this dreams and no way I’d be found dead in a mental institution so a pastor it is.I had a warm shower,just standing as the water rained down on me like I was kinda hoping it would wash away my sins or clearly my foggy mindĀ  after 20mins in the bathroom I came out had a quick meal and got dressed grabbing my car key as I stepped out the house walking to my grumbling tummy reminding me I had to get dinner before I went in for any prayer section so I decided to make a quick stop at Chopstiks.Just after Bannex plaza I saw her walking to the shawarma spot right outside chopstiks ,i cleaned my eyes she couldn’t be real it was the Lady from my dream,she was real and beautiful just like in my dreams so being the crazy person I was I decided to walk up to her not sure what I wud do wen I get to her,probably just wanted to know if she was real or not or maybe try my luck and fuck her for real.
So I contemplated telling her she’s been popping up in my dreams over the last week but then she might feel it was a stale pickup line or maybe that am just insane
“I know by now y’all fink am crazy,what if she was a ghost or witch or worse a demon ,ladies don’t fuck u in ur dream and show up for real..back to my story “
So I orderedĀ  shawarma also just like her and asked if the seat beside her was taken,and she looked at me like sum kinda weirdo wanting a chair beside her when virtually every other seat was empty before waving me down to sit, few mins later we were talking like old friends and honestly I couldn’t remember what we were talking about,but am pretty certain it was about sex because soon enough we had crossed the road to the hotel on the other side and paid for a room ..
Crazy?? Yh I know,too Easy? I suppose so….”
The room was cozy but who cares we just wanted to fuck and even a small hut would be cozy as a 5star hotel i
sat on the bed pulling her panties to the side i let her sit on my dick sinking my dick into her pussy,she gasped,held my head and started going up and down slowly increasing the tempo as she went,she moaned as I slapped her ass and squeezed it,and started grinding really fast ,we fucked in this position forĀ  a while she loved it she said after one of her multiple orgasms vibrating violently only to continue.
I Made her lie down on the floor aimed her pussy and slammed her she screamed with a mixture of pleasure and unexpected pain i came all the way out letting just the head of my dick in her pussy I nailed her again,she was running mad, i kept fucking her till she put her legs round my waist n pulled me deeper moaning as I fucked her senseless,she thrashed about mindlessly moaning like a porn star her orgasm came and I came with her …..

I wokeup in a cold sweat my boxers was soaked in the dick region looking around the room I couldn’t find her,then I realizedĀ  I wasn’t in a hotel room I was in my room and I just had another wet dream and this time around I even ate in the dream FUCK!! now I know i needed help .. 7976D6BE #addup


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