Crazy nigerians part 7 Sunday specials contd

8am Monday morning
I hadn’t slept all night,how could I? With the fucked up conversation I had over the phone,while the extremist in me wanted to raise hell and break shit up I managed to stay calm probably because it was my apartment and if I break it I’d buy it, I knew confronting her about the phone call and she could possibly deny it,so I went to her call log and cleared out the received call and switched her battery with my already dead battery ensuring UBA customer care couldn’t call back.
Went online and booked the 11:45 flight back to Abuja for her before waking her up and leading her to the shower,acting normal in spite of what was going on in my head was probably the hardest task ever, made her tea and toasts for breakfast and went into the shower,while she dried off with a towel,she must have noticed my distance I guess because she asked if I was OK to which I answered to the affirmative AM fine babe, adding a kiss to her forehead to convince her i was fine , “well why didn’t you come join me in shower? “she threw the Question at me staring and giving me a piercing look …Babe you know what happens when we shower together and I didn’t want you to miss your flight I gave her a puppy dog look hoping she bought my story.I had a quick shower and 30 minutes later we where well on our way to the airport.Do you have a car charger?my battery is low ,Nah I don’t I replied noticing the disappointment on her face.
A quick hug and kiss,she checked in while I walked out the airport.

Booked a flight while packing a few clothes to go to Abuja,if she is cheating on me I had to catch her in the act else,she would just deny it even if is true, I knew it was insane I had previously made up my mind to let things play out and hear what she says when she charges her phone and gets a call from UBA customer care but I couldn’t wait on the side lines anymore, I kept telling myself I wasnt insane as I drove to the airport,I told myself it was the right thing to do even though I knew deep down it was totally fucked up and childish.

4:25pm FCT ABUJA

The Drive to Gwarimpa was rather uneventful until I passed Charley boy’s Boulevard and my insides felt all mashed up,all my Guts kinda vanished,what if there was some mistake somewhere and am over reacting or worst what if its true and she really is cheating
The cabbie’s loud voice had startled me back to reality
Tsaya a sahara bayan Ald.

OK so my test was good and my day pretty normal and nice until my bank account officer called apologizing for calling me so late and it was a wrong number apparently i blew it off as nothing but now Leonard was at my door venting about me cheating on him, my explanations wasn’t getting anywhere so I tossed him my phone and asked him to call the number back and confirm.arrggghhh why is he being so childish

OK so I didn’t catch her in the act and yes she denied it all and gave me her phone to call him and confirm and being blind and angry as I was I called,on the 3 ring someone picked

me: Yeah hello don’t you ever call my Girlfriend alone,she doesn’t want you
Just fuck off mahn!!!

Was about feeling Better about myself when the voice on the other end hit my ears and No it wasnt a Guy,it was a lady I could hear her scream over the phone

Issac!! Come here so you have been cheating on me you are mad!!Oloshi
Huh Gertrude what are you talking about
Oya take the phone  and answer him

then it dawned on me his fiancee’s name was also Gertrude,I quickly hanged up and could not help but laugh at my own ignorance even as I put on my puppy dog face and walked towards bae to initiate make up sex
……to be continued


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