Crazynigerians part6 ( Sunday Specials)

It was a boring sunday afternoon and I had to admit that staying faithful was hard,with all the Gist my friends been torturing me with the Conji level was apocalyptic.


Bae:    Hello babes how are u?
Me:      Am fine and u ?
Bae:      Am ok just bored
Me:      awww cheer up bae we gonna b togeda soon ,
Bae:      Baby am horny and yearning for ur cock,
Me:       wha re wearing?
Bae:       Just a big shirt
Me :       any panties?
Bae:      nah
Me:        i can picture ur clean shaved pussy ryt now
Bae :      baby u making me really wet
Me :      slide in a finger am sure u so warm in der ryt now,,
Bae :      yes baby am so warm 
Me:     massage ur clit
Bae:      *moans *
Me:      bae am so hard right oh fuck, what time do uve lectures Tomao
Bae:   By 3pm babe y?
Me:       Get dressed and call a cab,you could leave now and catch dpthe 6:15 flight to lagos I’ll send u a ticket I promise I’ll ve u back by noon. Bt I really ve to fuck u ryt nw.
Bae:       yaay babes see u soon

7:15pm MM2 airport car park

    As she walks out d arrival her curves in a short gown makes my dick bulge as she runs and gives me a hug I plant a kiss on her lips hold her hands and lead her up the escalator to the car park d car I spread hr legs apart and feel her moist pussy  as I kiss her,she moans and grabs my hands urging me to finger fuck her and so I did curling two fingers together I sank into her tapping the base of pussy while she clawed at me scratching and moaning,while i finger fucked her faster and harder biting her lips I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and a rush of her German juice flow on down my hands as she orgasmed,pulling my hands out her pussy she licked my hands and smiled at me maintaining eye contact, she unzipped my jeans brought out my dick and started sucking teasing the tip as I started the car and drove out the car park,probably the hardest journey I ever made I couldn’t focus with her tea bagging me as I drove making slurping sounds as she sucked on my dick I felt my cum build and she stroked my dick urging me to cum in her mouth and I did…..Am not sure how I made it to my house but oh well I did

9:20 The Crib Ogundana Lane

Standing there naked while I watched her touch herself she watched my dick grow harder then she touched her clit with ice and I felt the shiver as she watched me bulge coming closer she put the ice on her nipples making her nipples hard she put dem in my mouth and I suck on dem real good then she goes down to my throbbing dick and starts stroking it slightly as she feels my lips tighten around her nipples she pulls away den go down on me to my dick sucking me slightly at first slightly and slowly teasing the tip with her tongue and nipple,taking all she could take of my huge dick into her mouth I grab and hold her head up and mouth fuck her leaving her breathless as she gasps,she gets so wet as she uses her fingers to tease my balls slightly before she sucks on dem,watching dt makes me rock hard she smiles crawls back to the bed spread her legs dips in a finger to her pussy brings it out and licks her juice from her finger and invites me to fuck her,I go over grab her legs put em on my shoulder and sink deep into her making her moan out loudly as I slide In,she grabs my ass and whispers fuck me,her fingers dig into my skin as I hit her hard as I go faster she gets wetter moaning and calling my name and this drives me insane I pound her fucking her harder like an animal while she screams louder,I feel my cum buildup so I flip her over and she pushes her ass up while I grab her waist I spank her ass as i begin  to fuck her harder until I feel her pussy tighten around my cock and I know she’s about to cum,I continue fucking until we climax together…..

12 AM my Bed

She looked so beautiful as she slept there is something about watching the lady u love sleep I thought to myself

  My thoughts are interrupted by her phone ringing on the shelve and I walk up to silence it before it wakes my bae up,the name on the screen flashes and it shows UBA Customer care, and am like huh why would customer care be calling by 12am so I picked

UBA Customer care: My love am at your door been knocking open up
Me: who the fuck is this?
UBA Customer care: who the fuck am I? Fuck you !! Who the fuck are you?where is Gertrude,Put my Fiancee on the phone
Me : HUH dafuq you just say

   *****Hangs up*********


……To be continued…#crazinigerian
Ff on IG @crazynigerian


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