Crazynigerians (Pamela)Part3

I met Pamela 3yrs back on a flight to lagos from Abuja, she was a tall dark skinned beauty with firm boobs and an onion booty,I remember staring at her lustfully as she checked for her seat,the gods smiled on me and she sat beside me ….Hurray!! I couldnt hold back my smile as she settled in beside me,I could feel the hate emitting from other guys on the flight …fuck em all am so fucking this girl I thought..
10mins into the flight and we were already chatting away like old friends,we both stayed on African lane at lekki phase 1 and I wondered why I had never seen her around before.
  My driver was waiting outside the departure hall as we strolled out I noticed she was impressed wit my 2015 range Rover AutoBiography, i offered to drop her at home since we were both headed the same way and she obliged,we continued chatting and soon enough the topic switched towards wines and alcohols she worked as a PR to a winery in lagos so i told her about my 83 yr old Falernian and Surrentine bottle of wine and she could have a sip she agreed with a big Grin , hehehehehe she was going home with me…..
She wanted to sip wine or whatever and I wanted to fuck, so after an hour and most of my priced wine collection our conversation had switched to a more sensual base and without a hint I reached out and planted my lips on hers feeling for a reaction and she replied reaching in deep kissing me hungrily while fumbling my buttons trying to rip my shirt off,I pulled her up kissing as i walked backwards leading her to the bedroom till my heels felt the edge of the bed, Pamela pushed me to bed reached for my jeans dragging it off from me and grabbing my dick with a smile on her face and her eyes fastened on me she reached down putting my dick in her mouth and sucking hard on it,twirling her tongue on the tip driving me crazy.
I couldnt take it any longer I wanted to fuck her sensless  so I pushed  her up grabbed her, turned her around and pushed her face into the pillow,i pulled down her panties to the heavenly sight of her big buttocks i touched and spanked her buttocks,I lifted her gown higher and admired how small her waist was,my dick got harder at the thought of ramming her from the back, and i lined up my dick as she settled on the bed with her big ass in the air, and her legs wide apart exposing her bulging vagina. She kept her thighs spread and i plunged into her She grinded against me, swinging her hips from side to side then pulling away and pushing back into me. I tried to control myself by firmly holding her hips but she would have none of it. And so i threw caution to the wind and i plowed into her wetness like an animal. She had asked for it so I fucked her ruthlessly like a raging lunatic hearing her moans and screams made me pound her harder and faster as she bit into d pillow trying to muffle her loud screams , Together we drove each other towards orgasm, it was uncontrollable, and coming at us like a locomotive on the loose! At almost the same instant, both of us increased the pace of our stroking, causing our respective genitalia to start spasming in time with each others It was like being thrown off of a high cliff,the rush was unreal.
  long story short after a week more of rendezvous and fucking we decided to become exclusive and dated for a couple of months until I decided to pay Pamela a surprise visit at home, after coming back early from a trip to Dubai I had strutted in like a love struck child  tipped her gateman and knocked on the door and some dude opened,well I asked for Pamela and he called out Darling !!! You have a visitor,Pamela came out and I could see the shock on her face .. Apparently she was married!!and her husband based abroad …… And that’s how I got my 2nd heartbreak which is why I added witch to her name for hurting me…to be continued



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