CrazyNigerians part 2 (Blue balls)

I was enjoying the good company of my friends who had dragged me all the way down  to some chicks party at Elegushi beach the Original plan was to go to Fela Shrine but Gertrude’s had intervened for her friends birthday, Gathered at Voodoo bar enjoying the Juice and Gin ,the sunlight was still sparkling off the ocean waters. The cocktails were delicious and I was sipping on my third,when she walked in followed by cheers of happy birthday  It was her birthday who ever she was,she wore a long flowing gown the longest hottest legs i had seen in a really long while and a white flowing top which did little to hide her impressive mounds,she was a must have,i got introduced to her,her name was Joy And so the night continued I had spotted my ex Pamela the witch who invited her here sef,The drinks flowed and our happy banter took us to play by the ocean,in my semi tipsy state I noticed Joy was standing keeping her distance at some dark spot beside a palm tree waiting for god knows who… when I saw my ex Pamela(the witch) walk up to her..

I wasn’t wearing panties and my long goddess dress was tied loosely around my neck in the loosest of ties. Her nails gently scratching my skin, making it tingle. Pamela and I had been with the same man and same women at different times. She still loved him I saw the look in her eyes when she saw him, and I knew she was hoping he caught a glimpse of us making out so being the good friend that I was I had let her kiss me in front of him by the beach. More to make him jealous than to entice. It had the reverse effect. Naive in so many ways, I guess I will never learn!  Here I was now standing in front of Dozie , with a woman wanting to make love to me. Every man’s fantasy and before I could speak, Pamela put her hands on my waist and pulled me into her.
She kissed like a girl and all I could think whilst the penetrative stare of Didi was boring into me. I could feel his insides flipping out, looking at me amused and confused . I enjoyed the kiss, it was nice and yet it wasn’t sweet. She didn’t make me feel moist and soften like a man makes me feel. I closed my eyes, exploring the sensation to imagine us entangled and naked, as DiDi looked on. .

The kiss was sweet and her tongue melted around and with mine, making my heart beat quicker in my chest and my tummy tighten. This kiss I drank in, knowing Didi was breathing every electric breath with me while burning with envy and want. Passion burning and exciting me from the inside, the delight of her wet warm tongue inside my mouth. My sense prickling with rhythm of the music, the salty air full of funk. My spine was flowing like mercury. Opening, folding  and sucking Joy’s wanton tongue, wanting to savour it as Didi watched I cud feel him dying with desire,then from the corner of my eyes I watched him take a long stride towards us and Joy pushed me back breaking the kiss…..

Its ok to be Dyke but 14years is a really long time to spend in prison when you won’t even get to feel a real dick,so how about some where more private I had blurted out,Joy smiled rather astonished at my choice of words, my initial plan was to join in the fun but with Pamela involved I had to be careful not to mistakenly kiss my self into another relationship with her again, don’t get me wrong she is a nice person hot wit a madass figure pretty face and all but….. Never mind story for another day…..

To be continued


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