Crazy Nigerians PART 1

So kod3d finally inspired me to write again..forgive the typos as am typing with my phone meanwhile  writers block is off and here is part one
From the stables of crazyNigerian productions no 2 nweka road Onitisha 1 point road road ABA

1am January 12, Tope’s residence

You are a loathsome piece of shit Josh !! Caro had yelled, throwing tantrum and every other thing she could find at me, I wasn’t even trying to explain or give excuses I just needed  to get out of the the apartment alive, OK maybe fucking her cousin Tope was way outta line but she should not over react like this na ,the DVD player she just hurled at me reminded me that if I didn’t get out I would meet my creator. Jeans in hand alongside my shoes and shirt I dashed out running like a crazy person to my car

January 13

Sis am sorry na we didn’t mean for it to happen it was an accident I swear, this moment we were talking at the club the next moment we were having sex you have to believe me.

By accident u mean he slipped and fell into your pussy? Because me I don’t understand,I trusted you and you betrayed me,of all the Guys in Nigeria it had to be my Josh!! how could you? I hate you!! Am leaving, she added standing up to leave

Why are you even angry? didn’t you guys break up, why are you making such a fuss about it,you are the one that made me go to that club In the first place if you want to leave then leave Rubbish.


DD: Josh wetin do you na?word on the street is that u ran naked *busts laugh*
Craze Don dey set in abi?
OJ: Ahhh DD talk true ,no dey tackle your guy like dis na, oya josh explain wetin happen, Emma please stop laughing like that.
JOSH: Omo game has changed jor, Emma please shutup e Don do,make I talk na
EMMA: Oya make una nor vex I don shutup up oya clear Guys wetin happen sef?
JOSH: y’all remember last Friday at Rumors Club,that hot chick that I was talking to,well apparently she is Caro’s cousin
DD: Baddo!! So u tapped that ass abi
JOSH: which one is Baddo there, wait make I finish Gist. Aswear down I didn’t know they were cousins until Caro tried to murder me in the middle of the Night,I had to run out naked,else by now the story for dey different.
OJ: But u fuck am sha?
JOSH: why I nor go fuck am,trust your Guy na I made that pussy beg,that babes get moves sha,and am not even sure why Caro is vexed self when we already broke up.
EMMA: why the pussy nor go beg when you carry horse prick,you fuck your ex cousin come dey ask why she nor go vex abeg OJ help me ask Josh who mistakenly leave him cage open true true e don dey craze
DIDI : Emma How you take say he carry horse prick ?? I Don they suspect you na 14 years in jail o
Emma : Guy you be fool
JOSH: E Don do Shit happens.
Didi abeg call Leonard where him and Kola go since na make dem dey come make we enta Fela shrine Guys gats high this night
OJ: josh you be junkie 2015 you suppose change abi Fela na your papa
DIDI : Dem go pick Gertrude,e talk say dem dey come.
KOLA: Guys I hail o
Gertrude: Hello
LEONARD: Bad Guys !! Josh hafa I hear say you mad come dey run round naked
JOSH: wetin funny why una dey laugh? Leonard I knw say na Didi tell you that rubbish no mind am,oya make we dey go shrine Sharp sharp abeg.

    To be continued


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