This post is as a result of my current boredom in a very annoying lecture hall so ignore the typographical errors,Gbagaun, and all the fix and put I joined inside tx to my seat partners dem dem i didnt even bother editting..oya enjoy

This vodka tastes like I’ll b texting you later,you make me wanna take Nasty to a whole new level I could use a little sexual harrassment and  some locked in d room sweaty fucking all night in d dark sex moving a little closer she whispered in my ears I fuck too good to b single you know and right now am sexually frustrated …… What started out as a harmless drink before leaving camp just turned sensual

After the tease show nothing happened that night thanks to being trapped in this prison of an NYSC orientation camp I walked back to my hostel with a huge bulge in my pants,we got our posting letters The next morning,I was redeployed to Enugu state n she was posted to some village north of delta state

Flashforward it’s been 5yrs my suave nature was epic I knew who and what I wanted the moment I set my eyes on her I wasn’t sure she would still remember me… She had come for a job interview in my company at 27 I  had achieved basically every thing I had set out to achieve except a relationship

Tope Ghardeh:
his firm grips round my waist as we hugged sent a shiver down my spine my legs felt wobbly like jelly Os
His charms got me hooked that feeling wen u v to remind urself to keep it cool I could feel him strip me with his eyes we had to keep it Professional,if talking about old times was an interview well then this was an interview and I got the Job………..

walking became so difficult thinking became impossible I was basically running to my car. She was all in my head “meet me in room 2156″ her text had made my day I knew our regular joint…I was comfy being a side nigga I wasn’t jealous about her Boyfriend I was OK being a friend/boss in public but in private we fucked like animals..its been 3months since we started our little rendezvous,she called the shots ,at work I was her boss but outside the office in the bedroom she was the Alpha I was fine Being the  Beta as long as I got a taste of her body.

Tope Ghardeh:
I opened the door and jumped on him kissing him as hard as I could, stripping eachodas clothes off,saying sweet words to his ears finding a way to his already hard member,while he trooted round the room searching for a table and clearing it pushing the remotes and landline to the floor before placing me ontop. He starts to kiss me on the neck, his soft lips gently caressing all the nerve ends and making me explode even more. He slides his right  hand ever so  gently behind my back but with a swift snap of his fingers my bra is loosened. Just as his gentle lips kissed my neck they now gently worked on my left boob making their way to my nipple. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more pleasure, the circular motion of his tongue on my nipples sends me into another plain of ecstasy,as I grab his head so close…

Lifting her from the table I walked back untill the heels of my legs felt the edge of the bed and i fell back on the bed with her on me …she slowly crawled to my face and sat right across my lips I pushed her panties aside and felt her wet vaginal lips on my lips dipped in my tongue and she grabbed my hair in pleasure rolling her waist to match my twirling tongue I let her ride my face until she was dripping cum,shebl reached back held my dick and made a quick turn assuming a 69 position,she  put me in her mouth and started playing  wit the tip while I parted her thighs farther apart and feasted on her nibbling her clit while she moaned gagging on my dick…
I could feel my cum build up as she sucked and stroked me and I let my self cum in her mouth, I peeked up and watched her swallow…
I reached for my jeans and grabbed my wallet flipping out a pack of magnum condoms and handing it out to her she smiled and rolled it on stood up on the bed now facing me she sat astride on my dick slowly while I pulled up to a sitting position,grabbing her waist she rode me,her movements at first was slow and fluid then slowly became fast and violent,she was flinching for another orgasm,in mere seconds I had flipped her over to a doggy position,I spanked her ass hard holding her waist I rammed into her soaked pussy her moans was mixed wit pain and pleasure fucking her till she orgasmed and fell flat on her tummy vibrating while I also let nutted in the condom…the end…#crazinigerian


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