love or Lust

JUNE 26 2:15pm

I have to admit I love her,never have I met a girl more patient with me I thought as i scrolled down my phone to call her,my Ego was epic and I had spent the last month not talking to her
“Are you gonna start talking to me “ her text came in moments after I had watched her leave a week earlier….memories played back in my head on how we met 4years back,we started off as regular friends but now we friends like lovers.
She didn’t go to work and wasnt far from Allen Avenue so i asked her to come over,honestly was suprised she did really ,knowing i had been a jerk and she still had my time …
I was holed up wit my Nigga in a hotel lobby nearby, watching Nigeria vs Argentina match,sharp guy didn’t even watch the first half before he disappeared to a room wit his lady leaving me there to the horrors of Nigerian football.
“Am outside” she texted and I went out to bring her in…
Soon we were in one of the hotel rooms watching the match,we got talking,I apologized for being a jerk and my gignamous Ego ,well apologize to me properly she had stunned me saying and we had a makeup kiss,but then the kissing got intense,in seconds we were naked and kissing every inch of our bodies,it wasnt the usual fast paced type shii this was slow sensual and mindblowing.
Even as i trailed a kiss behind her ears, to the back of her neck,
She arched her back, jutting out her breasts as she felt ripples of pleasure trail down, i seemed to sense her building pleasure as she became bolder by touching my arms, she tried to reach for my hard cock, but i pushed her hands away gently.
“No, you don’t get to touch me yet am apologizing to you remember?”
“Lie still, and let me pleasure you”
She almost started laughing,
She moaned as i touched her wetness, she could hardly breathe, the combined force of lust and love was acting on her.  she was thirsty! and needed to be filled.
She pushed me away roughly,
“Sit, and spread your legs”
she told me in a voice barely above a whisper …before i could fully comprehend what was happening, she was on her knees, she took a moment to look at my turgid cock before she gave it a tentative lick it was the first time she had ever had me in her mouth, she could feel the shivers that ran through my body, i grabbed her hair as she put me in her mouth, i was big, but she was thirsty and needed a tall drink of man.
She moaned softly as she sucked my dick.
soft moans escaped her mouth as she suck my full length, licking the sensitive cap, jerking me even as she licked my pole,she touched herself with one hand even as she sucked me, felt my pre-cum on her tongue.
Just when i felt she was ready to give up, she tea-bagged me, taking my balls into her mouth with such delight, that she felt me shaking,
She went back to my cock deepthroating and staring into my eyes, even as she trailed her fingers across my chest and tummy,i tried raising her up, but couldn’t, though small in size, she was quite tenacious when the need be.i was on the verge of cumming, my face had lost the last shred of calm, and i exploded right then, thick, hot creamy,
I grabbed her and bent her over put the tip of my fully erect dick at the opening of her pussy and gave her 3 shallow thrusts, the fourth time i rammed into her, she felt delicious pain, and her senses electrified, synapses firing up, i repeated this twice, she was on the verge of begging me to be brutal when i turned her over, with her ass raised up slightly off the bed, my hands squeezing her butt cheeks, i angled her pussy and rammed into her, she felt the pain and the contentment, she felt drilled, as i filled her up,She felt like she was going crazy, and was about to burst from the different sensations rippling through her body, she knew she was so close to climaxing. Just then i withdrew from her completely, and pushed her away.
If she could kill someone would have done so at that instant.
I held her flat on the bed,looking into her eyes I could see the mixture of rage pleasure and love in her eyes,spreading her legs wit mine I dipped in my dick one more time,moving my waist slowly to a rhythm in my head, taking my time to enjoy every bit of her,I could feel her legs shiver as she orgasmed squirting on my dick,while ill turned her over on her belly.
Her ass up her bit I laid on her supporting her waist wit my right hand while dipping in slowly once more,she moaned loudly while gripping the mattress.I could feel my cum building up even as I rammed her slowly,i grabbed her two hands and orgasmed in her.
Did you cum in me??? Her eyes flashed wit rage as she ran to the bathroom to clean up…… watching her ass bounce as she ran I couldnt help but tell myself damm I love her..

“Dude where you dey we still gats reach surulere” My nigga texted me
Now i Wasn’t sure if I’d leave or just stay wit her

To be continued????


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