The Need

“Where are you at babe?
Jane looked at the messages from Laide and chuckled, she knew what he wanted, she couldn’t blame him, she wanted it too.
“Sup, I’m home”
“What? When are you coming? It’s 10pm already”
“I’m dressing up, the cab is outside, each minute I spend chatting with you is going to delay me”.
“Alright, go on”
She had a quick shower, making sure to clean her pussy real good, dipping in the fore-finger of her left hand into her cooch and scooping out the extra moisture, she was wet…she had been wet all day.
She quickly chose her outfit carefully, she picked out a long clingy sleeveless turtle neck dress, that molded her slim figure, making every dip and swell visible, the only underwear she had on was her bra, she had a peculiar case of pointy nipples, so the bra was necessary.
She got into the waiting cab, Lekan was a patient driver, besides, he liked this his ‘small madam’ as he called her, she didn’t give him stress.
The journey from Lekki to Maryland, felt like the slowest ever in history.
Laide kept sending her messages, describing all the things he was going to do to her.
She thought about her relationship with Laide, it was a peculiar one, they weren’t friends, dating, or lovers, they were fuck buddies with an unexplained chemistry, the type that made the world stop rotating, the sound of his deep voice made her wet, his sarcastic jokes made her want to slap and fuck him at the same time. He was not nice to her, except when fucking, and the cruelness returned the minute the last drop of spunk dripped from his limp penis.
She didn’t mind, as her brain died of unnatural causes whenever he beckoned…
She arrived at his gate.
“Come outside, you have to pay the cab guy, told you”…she sent him an IM
He gave Lekan 2000Naira, this made her upset as she had negotiated 4000naira with the driver, even paying the tollgate by herself, and she couldn’t imagine why he was such a cheapskates at this very moment.
Lekan: which kain thing be this na? Oga the money no complete
Laide: Lai lai, for this Lagos wey we dey so? Lekki to here is 2000 naira, I’m not adding a kobo.
Laide: Jane, how much did you negotiate with him?
Jane: 4k, that’s what I pay normally to Ikeja
Laide: well this is Maryland
The back and forth was beginning to embarrass her, she brought out 2000 naira and gave to Lekan, he returned 1000naira, and drove off.
Jane’s pussy juice was drying up from embarrassment. Well she was here, she thought, she came because she wanted his cock.
She was used to his bad behaviour, but this was a new level…
He led the way, making sure his Alsatian stayed away.
The house was quiet and she wondered again why she had come all the way just to get laid.
As soon as they get into his room which he had not bothered to tidy up, he grabbed her and felt her arse through her dress, raising it up slowly till his palms grazed against her naked flesh, he squeezed her butt, his fore finger sliding into her slit
“You are wet”…his voice registered satisfaction at his discovery.
The next few minutes became a fast blur of activities as his lips captured hers, her hands pulled off her dress, revealing her slim well-toned light skinned body, smooth skinned, small breasted chest, a flat tummy , high waisted, and wide bony hips that flared into long straight legs.
He pushed her against the bed, not too gently, pulling her hips to his face as his tongue sank into her pussy, sliding up n down, kissing and licking her clit, she was so wet and shuddered from his touch, her breath quickened and her face flushed as he found her nub and sucked it. She moved her hips up and down in a fucking motion, urging him to go on, he straightened up.
“You want this dick ehn?
“Yes I do”…
“Then come and get it”.
She looked at his nine inch beauty, bobbing up and down, slightly curved and veined like it was going to war.
She moved over to him, pushing his chest down, running her hands over him, till she got to his cock, she kissed the soft sensitive tip, and put it in her mouth, she couldn’t take even half of him in, but massaged his base with her right hand as she sucked on him, going up and down, kissing his shaft to his balls. Her other hand played with her clit, feeling the increased moisture, her pussy beat with need…she needed to be filled.
“Let me feel your pussy”…
“Put on a rubber first”…
“Okay I will”…
He reached for a condom, holding it in his hand, as he slid into her…paving his way down slowly as she took him in, her vaginal muscles contracting and expanding as he invaded her pussy with his huge dick.
“What about the condom? Tryna knock me up mister?”.
“Wait, just a minute, I want to feel you first”
He said even as he moved, holding her pelvis as he thrust slowly, getting her accustomed to his size again, feeling her warmth around his cock, he loved her pussy, her pussy understood his cock and synced to him.
He continued to build up the tempo, knowing that she would not last longer anymore, he felt her contracting even more, he flipped her over to her side and pushed his cock into her wet hole, he looked at her, her eyes were at half mast, mouth open as she moaned soundlessly, he could tell she felt it all over as he did too,
Her hips responded to his thrusts, as she tried to match him, thrust for thrust…she stopped after a while as the intense feeling of orgasm enveloped her, her eyes rolled back as she croaked that she was climaxing to him, juice exploded from her core and flooded her thigh, his cock, her butt crack, the bed, she didn’t see his face twisted as the same force hit him.
She quickened her pace to receive his thrust as her clit swelled and sensations overtook her…he pulled out as he spilled his seed on the bed, his body glistening with sweat, his chest heaving .
He stood up, his 6ft 3inch frame went quickly to get tissue paper from the adjoining toilet, she took it from him and wiped the spunk off his sheets.
All cleaned up, they lay on the bed.
“I saw you were disappointed when you saw my long dress”.
“Yes, but your naked arse compensated ,made it worth it”
She smiled as she thought about what she really wanted to tell him, something vile, nasty and sarcastic, then kicked against it.
He reached for his blackberry, going through his messages, completely ignoring her, she sighed and reached for hers too, as usual…
He glanced over at her, arse raised up, lost in her phone, he looked at her smiling at her phone, someone was probably telling her something, and felt himself get hard again, he needed her to pay attention to him.
He went behind her, and parted her butt cheeks, she sucked in her breathe as she didn’t expect this, he lowered his mouth to her arse, and kissed her butt , then sliding his finger into her pussy, she was dry, but he knew it would take him just a minute to get her hot and bothered again, he turned her over, facing him, her big eyes, starring at his face.
He crooked his finger in her pussy, stroking her G-spot.
“See I’m not wet still”
“I bet if I put my dick in, you’ll get wet”
He beat his dick against the opening of her pussy, making a slap slap noise…her juices flowed, beckoned by his cock.
He slid in, slowly at first, as her walls parted for him, she was not well oiled yet…he pulled out.
He reached down and kissed her lips, teasing her left breast…pulling her up, her kissed her neck and turned her over, kissing her back, causing goose bumps to spread all over her skin, she moaned and shivered from delight, he placed his thumbs on the dimples above her butt cheeks and massaged them slowly…sliding his hands up to cup her breast, he bent and kissed her shoulder blades, taking in her scent…she smelled of perfume, sweat and him.
He slipped his finger into her cunt and sliding in and out, she was sticky wet.
She reached behind her, groping for his cock, eager to feel his hardness, she was ready to receive him.
She turned over, gazing up at him, as she reached up and kissed him slowly but perfectly, her tongue probing the insides of his mouth, her lips merging with his, taking in his lower lips, running her hand down his chest, running her hand up and over his back, she could see the need in his eyes, and the control he exercised not to hasten it.
She pushed her hips up, inviting him to take of her, he kissed her breasts, trailing it to her stomach, and held her offered hips.
He guided his cock to her entrance and slid it in.
Everywhere became quiet, the sounds ceased as her senses exploded, he paused as he enjoyed her muscles play around his cock…
He thrusted once, then twice, the third time…she was so warm and wet, he felt his release really close by and pulled out.
Steadying his pulse for a minute as he kissed her.
She took him and guided him back into her, bucking her hips to make him know she wanted him to move.
He moved faster, hoping he didn’t spill first.
Her movement became faster as she neared her climax, she moaned his name, her eyes closed as they came together.
It felt like a knot had built up at the base of her tummy and exploded, she shook from the intensity of her climax, a tear slipped her eye, she starred at his cum face contorted into a tight mask, as he shot hot spunk into her…
He pulled her into his arms, exhausted…sleep.
The End…#yellowsisi Hotpie


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