RATED18: Jemima’s Daddy.

“He pushed her against the wall, her arse raised up to meet his thrusting cock, as he fucked her senseless”.
“Aisha you aren’t listening abi?” Jemima cut into her friends thought, who she just caught smiling into space.
“what are you even thinking of sef? you’ve been acting dazed since yesterday”
It’s been three days since Aisha came to camp at her bestie’s house, Jemima, Her sweet sweet friend, someone so kind and unbelievable humble despite the wealth she came from.
Sprawled on the soft brown rug ,Aisha stared up at her friend and watched as delight played through with each outfit she brought out of her shopping bag.
They had gone shopping all through yesterday, so exhausted that they couldn’t try out the clothes.
‘you see why I always want you with me while shopping sweetheart, you completely understand what fashion is, you get me completely’ Jemima said and giggled, she danced in front of the mirror, in her undies just about ready to start the mini fashion parade she no doubt dreamt about the previous night.
“I want you everyday baby…your pussy is so tight, I can’t get enough of you….arrghhhh, her hips raised up to meet his in equal fervour”
“Aisha why are you so quiet? Try out your outfits too, let’s do it together. Jemima  said looking at her friend sprawled on the soft rug.
“No love, let me watch you first jare, you know how you like to sashay like a model, I don’t want to steal your thunder with this my massive duwawu” Aisha said laughing and rolled farther from Jemima who was ready to kick her for the pun.
‘Ok ma, oya be watching oh’.
Aisha starred but she didn’t see her friend, she didn’t hear her incessant chatter and uhh and ahhhhs over the little exquisite details she had just discovered.
She was lost in her thoughts, thinking of Alhaji, his voice, his hard cock in her wet cunt, his tall frame, his deep but gentle voice, his presence. She was thinking of her bestfriend’s father…she wanted him, as much as she knew he wanted her right now.
“She knelt and sucked his dick, ahhhhh my sugar…you make me a complete man…who taught you all this?”
In the past three days, she had fucked him at every opportunity she had,  Her pussy got wet each time she remembered how he licked his lips and smiled. Her father’s friend was handsome and sexy, there was no way around it, she had to fuck him again and now , come what may.
‘Jemima hunie bear, what time are we supposed to go out with Mumsy? shey you know that it’s already 2pm, time is going oh’
“ahhh didn’t you hear me talking to Mumsy just now? where was your mind? silly girl, she wants us to meet her up at the mall, she’s with some friend and I’m sure she wants to match make us again’
Aisha groaned inwardly, she was in no mood to go out, neither was she in the mood to meet any boy or to be in the presence of her friend’s mum stale friends whose husbands were never around and who kept talking about ‘lorndon’ and ‘pahris’. A plan was forming.
Aisha: ‘sweetheart, I can’t go with you oh, my tummy has been aching me badly, that’s why I’ve been so quiet didn’t want to alarm you’
Jemima: ‘In that case, I’ll stay with you’
Aisha: ‘no don’t bother my dear, Mom will be angry if either one of us don’t show up’, so go’
Just then, Jemima’s phone rang.
“yes mum, okay mum, but mum must I come? Aisha is not feeling too well, hmmmm oh okay mom, on my way’
My dear, sorry but you’ll have to be alone oh, she said I must come, she already booked a movie and made dinner  reservations, no doubt to show the poor boy what a catch I am with my impeccable table manners’
Jemima said as she slipped into a beautiful dark blue lacy dress that accentuated her slim figure.
“Hope you’ll be okay alone oh”, she said as she applied light make up on.
“Besides, daddy is in the parlour upstairs, you can gist with him if you get bored”…she packed her braids in and updo and slipped on bronze crystal drop earrings.
Aisha smiled inwardly, like a feral cat ‘oh sure, we are going to have a very nice conversation’ she thought.
“Jemima, better hurry up before Mommy will start calling again”.
Within 10minutes, Jemima was gone, Aisha sat by the window and watched her drive off.
She got up and went to Alhaji’s private parlour upstairs, she didn’t see him there, the Television  was on, but no one was in the room. Could it be that he had left too, she thought.
Just then she heard his voice coming from the direction of his room, sure enough he was there talking to someone, apparently a friend from the way he was laughing.
She stepped in and locked the door, she could see the look of mild surprise on his face as his brows furrowed.
His brows inched higher as he watched her slip out of her white light cotton dress, revealing a seductress in matching red bra and panties, slim waist that flared into a pair of hot chocolate round arse, thick thighs and long smooth legs.
She touched her crotch, rubbed it lightly and slipped a finger into the waistband of her panties, and then she squeezed her right boob with her left hand.
She could tell that he was losing focus as his laughter died down.
‘Ah, my friend, is that so, well thank you for informing me, let me confirm and call you later, okay? He clicked off the call, and stared at her.
‘Aisha Aisha Aisha, beautiful Aisha, why have you come to tempt me this way? Is your friend not around? He asked even as he took off his clothing.
She could see from the outline of his cock straining against his briefs, that he was already aroused.
“My sweet Aisha, I’ve been fantasizing about you for a while now, how did you know?
He drew her up against his long slim frame, and squeezed her arse, making her moan.
He slipped his fingers into her panties and rubbed her clit.
Pushed her gently on the bed and took off her panties in one practiced pull, revealing her clean shaven pussy that glistened with juice.
He stuck in his fore finger and stroked her g-spot, making her moan.
She pulled him on top of her and kissed him deeply, reaching down to his cock and she stroked him, squeezing his cap lightly, rubbing the pre-cum moisture over the surface.
He raised himself up and spread her legs wide, holding his dick against her cunt, he beat his dick against her cunt, making a wet sound, her pussy filled up immediately with more juice.
He sank his full length into her tight pussy and sighed with pleasure.
He stayed there, not moving, holding her still, he could tell she wanted more, she wanted to feel him move inside her, but he wanted to savour the moment.
Then he start pumping her pussy, hard and fast.
“Ahhhhhh Alhaji oh! oh your dick is too sweet, aaahhhh Alhaji kara whuta, ka yi kay yi do it faster, i’m cumming oh….fuck me faster, fuck me faster faster”.
He watched as her eyes rolled back as she climaxed moaning his name.
She got out from under him and wiped off the excess wetness from her cunt.
“Alhaji, wanan katon buran ka nawa ne, yes, it is all mine’
She said and sat on his rod, reverse cow girl and rode it like a professional on a bull.
Beads of sweet popped all over her back like a sweating coke bottle as she rode Alhaji to satisfaction.
“Sweet Aisha, oh my baby, you will not kill me oh…Aisha ki na da dadi” he whispered hoarsely as he came close to coming.
She increased her pace and went faster till she heard him groan from his release, his face contorted with pleasure and sweet release.
Just then her pussy tightened and she climaxed again, in a daze.
Staring at Alhaji , as he played with her nipples, she couldn’t help but wonder how she had gotten herself into this delicious mess, not only was he her bestie’s father, he was too old for her. She was just 24, and she had no business fucking a man in his late 40’s, but oh the taboo made it sweeter.
“So my sweet Aisha, what do you think about taking a short holiday in Dubai with me?..#hotpie


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