I had never met her but from her pictures I could tell she was pretty with a nice fat ass and full breasts chubby and not so tall basically she was beautiful and sexy as fuck……But hey pictures lie

She opened the room door and I stood breathless dammm she had a killer shape and stood there in a tight fitted blue gown I hugged her,she led the way in and I followed captivated by not just her beauty but also her body,her ass swinging in a steady rythm as she walked to the bed.
I took a quick mental note her hotel room as I sat on the bed beside her, it was lovely and spacious with a big bed she had a sweet voice with a little northern accent and a smile to crack the coldest of hearts, we spoke for a while she seemed shy but very fun to be with.
She had dropped her Phone to charge beside me and reached across to get it when it beeped her hand lightly brushing my crotch I had a quick glimpse at her cleavage and felt a tingle go down my spine I was loosing my cool.
She was probably going to slap me but somethings are worth the risk i thought and grabbed a handful of her ass and waited for the accompanying slap but I got a soft moan in return and her soft voice calling me a naughty boy.she turned around and pulled me lower for a kiss,I pulled out after a while and nibbled her kneck her soft moans music to my ears and I traced my tongue down to her chest….. Her tight dress made it almost impossible for me to get to her nipples and she asked me to wait,she stood on d bed and slowly took off her gown letting it fall to her legs Watching her undress, my dick stiffened angrily so i also began to peel off my own clothes,by the time i was done, she was seated on the mattress, naked and willing. She beckoned on me to join her and i did, shaking with excitement.i knelt before her, my long dick bobbing up and down.she smiled impressed by my size held my dick maintained eye contact she put me in her mouth,Oh Gosh the feeling was exhilarating,i reached for my jeans got out my wallet, dug into it and got out a condom. In that brief second before i wore the protection, i caught a glimpse of her pussy. It was pink well shaved and fleshy with her labia hanging out. The urge to stick my mouth in there overcame and I tickled her nipples fondling her breast taking my time on each while letting my right hand sneak down and carress her pussy,traced my tongue down all the to her belly button the straight to her pussy i began to eat suck and lick her up,she was moaning louder wiggling her waist  and holding my head down on her ,then the vibrations got violent and she orgasmed ..
With my condom firmly in place, i positioned myself between her wide spread legs, guarded my dick to the mouth of her core and pushed in. She sighed, spreading her legs wider apart to enable me dig in deeper. Before i could thrust in, she began to move underneath me, lifting her hips up and down and pushing my ass to urge me. I began to fuck her, slowly at first, wanting to build my rhythm. But she would have none of that.

“Fuck me harder fuck me… Fuck me”

I began to pound her hard, fucking her with every ounce of strength i possessed. Even at that, she seemed restless beneath me.
I flipped her around like a piece of paper and she got on fours
I spread her butt and pushed into her pussy till all of me was buried inside her. pushed in as deep as i could,i held her waist and began to thrust in faster and faster. She began to scream out loud, almost like one in pain while i was fucking her hard… Making sure my pelvis slapped at her butt over and over again. She screamed endlessly in pleasure, grabbed a pillow and tried to bury her moans in it. I loved the pleasure i was giving her. Pausing occasionally to and tickle her clitoris before resuming my pounding session.
Oh shii Oh shii u killing me Oh shii am gonna cum am gonna cum

She orgasmed and her legs began to shake. But i wasn’t done with her.i rammed her continuously till her legs gave way and she fell flat on the bed.
I leaned to take her nipple into my mouth again, sucking her buds hard till she pushed my head away. Then i lifted one of her legs up and placed it on my shoulder, giving me unhindered access to her pussy. Pulling her waist closer, i straddled the other leg and thrust into her in that scissors position. She jerked and pressed her lower abdomen while i fucked her watching her face, letting the emotions she expressed guide me. She was moaning in pleasure again, her face twisted in sexual ecstasy, her hands caressing her full breasts as my dick dug in and out of her pussy.I  felt my orgasm build rapidly and pulled her waist closer and dug in deeper, closing my eyes tight and enjoying the moment immensely. A surge of excitement coursed through me as my orgasm drew nearer and nearer  but I pulled out dropping her legs from my shoulder and round my waist holding her back firm I stood up carrying her wit me I put my dick back into her pussy holding beneath her thighs I started pounding her again she was suspended in mid air and vibrating violently till I hunged her on the wall and continued fucking her.
Her screams were obliterated from my head… All i felt was that sweetness associated with sexual release as I orgasmed..

Shit its 1pm you have to pick your nephew she said barely breathing


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