The Good deed pt3

It was still raining Brian peeked out the window to confirm what he already knew,the weather channel had predicted the heavy downpour and for someone who disliked driving in the rain he really should have stayed home.His girlfriend Rita had been calling over the last hour,the weather was cold and she wanted to come over so after much contemplation Brian made a quick dash to his car, pulled out his aunts driveway,put on the  wipers and drove slowly connecting back to Charly boy’s boulevard accelerating cautiously towards chembian plaza.
Brian spotted her standing in front of eco bank she was soaked from the heavy downpour and visibly frustrated as she tried to flag down cars to no avail,she looks familiar he thought aloud as he got closer,what are the odds it was Teju.

Brian hadn’t seen Teju since their romp in Sansea hotel which was about 3months ago,he got closer and stepped on the breaks bringing his Mercedes s65 AMG to a halt,winding down the glass he looked up to see her hideous face, gosh she was still as ugly ever,little wonders she couldnt get a lift in d rain she was scaring away the other motorist.

Brian was the last person Teju had expected to see,she knew they both stayed in the same area and she was really grateful for the ride,Brian had put on the car heater acting all suave asking if she was OK while trying not to look her in the face she knew it was either because she was too hideous to look at or he wanted to concentrate on his driving……

Brian pulled into d driveway of teju’s place and watched her drop after collecting her number and run to the front door,he planned to wait till she got in before leaving and he did.

Brian got on his bed and lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to erase the image of the Teju from his mind, to no avail. Her moans assailed his thoughts; visions of her twirling ass while he fucked her danced in ghostly glee before his eyes and his dick throbbed with unsated pain. He was in sexual torture and knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep unless his got Teju’s ass in the air again after 3months Brian thought he would be over his romp with teju he was totally wrong.Brian switched his thoughts to his Rita and contemplated calling her over as he was home but found himself dialing Teju’s number….
“Come over am waiting

Teju said as she picked the call ,Brian was as hunk as they come ,it was a cold night and there was nothing better to do..

Brian didn’t drive over he didn’t want anybody seeing his car at teju’s place so he made the 10mins walk over to her place

Brian thrust into her from underneath, she rode him on top. Together, they started out fierce, fast and passionately till the blood rang in their ears and their heart beat wildly.tasting, nibbling, delving and drawing out waves over waves of need. Teju began to ride him slowly, back and forth. As she moved, she pulled his right index finger towards her clit, guiding it’s movement, teaching him how to touch her in a way that would pleasure her. Brian touched her little South knob as She rode him and squeezed her breasts, kneading the mounds till she could bear it no more. She jammed one nipple in his mouth, moaning loud as he sucked it hard while fingering her clit her orgasm was violent as she wiggled her waist to his dick

Teju’s mind was blown she hadn’t expected Brian to fuck her facing her but here he was sucking on her sagged breast and letting her ride him

I want to fuck you from behind Brian had commanded

She rolled off him, still basking in the heady feel of her climax when he took position behind her, pulled up her ass in the air, pushed her thighs apart and rammed into her, flaming up her pussy. She let out a howl of pleasure as he hit her core again and again, needing his release, seeking it desperately and not relenting until it burst forth, making him grimace and groan as it pushed out his seed and every sexual tension he’d harbored for her. In his excitement, he hadn’t noticed that she had cum a second time and was only just realizing that she was still gasping and jerking in the throes of sexual fulfillment.

Steven wasn’t the best anymore Brian just snatched that spot Gosh,her pussy was on fire she thought as she watched Brian dress up hurriedly left……
15mins later she got a text and smiled
“8pm 2mao parkview hotel ..Brian”


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