Mr lecturer

She sat there fuming.

“HOW DARE HE?! With his one hand! He dared to fail her!”

Ok, that was below the belt; but damn! She didn’t care. Especially since she hadn’t said it aloud. She shrugged nonchalantly. Seated outside the lecturer’s office, waiting for him to show up, Ibim was too pissed-off for reasonable thoughts. She needed to vent and the lecturer was the sure target for her ready-to-spew invectives. She heard voices and looked up with a scowl.

“Aha! There he was, feeling funky, in his well tailored suit.” Hiss

The lecturer did look good. For a one-armed man, he made short work of the suit.

“Too bad the disabled, good-looking mofo was also irritating . The yeye man just wanted to spoil her C.G.P.A with ‘Fs’ just because he felt he could.”

Her father’s words… “don’t come back here with anything less than a first class” … echoed in her ears  and panic shivers raced down her spine. Here she was, struggling with a 2.2 C.G.P.A and this evil lecturer wanted to drag her down some more.

“Make her papa kill her…? Taaah! E no go work lai lai!”

Just as she snorted, he got to the door of his office , gave her an appreciative once-over and snickered. Ibim’s scowl darkened further.

Lecturer:  How can I help you young lady?

Ibim: Sir… (Yuck! Calling him that tasted gross) …I need to have a word with you concerning my scores on both your courses.

Lecturer: (Arrogantly) What about it? Anyway wait here… There’s someone in the office that I’m supposed to attend to.

He walked into the office without preamble. Ibim saw red at his flippant attitude.

“What the fuck???? See this one-handed, incorrigible bastard sha? Aaarrgghhh!!!”

She almost screamed out in frustration and for a brief moment, wished she had some sort of evil powers to make him drop dead that instant! The ‘someone’ he was attending to, was apparently a student. Sensing that someone else was waiting to see the lecturer, “Student Someone” quickly made her excuses to leave.

Student Someone: Sir, I’ll come back later. I have a class now…

Lecturer: Ok then… I’ll expect you back.

‘Student Someone’ scuttled out of the office, avoiding Ibim’s curious eyes. Ibim turned to find the lecturer staring at her. His look worried her. It was like he was mentally stripping off her clothes. She was thick… with curves in all the right places. Her flawless ebony skin glowed with perspiration from the hot weather. Her legs were long smooth and fresh-looking.  His gaze, lingered on her legs and a triumphant grin spread across his face. Ibim almost gagged at the sheer lasciviousness of his perusal.

“I could stare at those legs forever…” he thought mischievously. “And that Ebony skin with beads of sweat… I sure would love to see her naked and dripping sweat when I fuck her.”  His grin grew wider.

Ibim gave him her dirtiest look and shifted from foot to foot uncomfortable. His blatant perusal couldn’t have been more than a few seconds or even a minute, but it felt like hours. It was quite sexually intrusive and she shuddered.

“Yuck! This disabled cretin must be insane to think he’d finally lured me to his slaughter house to have sex with him. I’d rather go all Fear-Factor and eat live cockroaches than allow him touch me with that prosthetic arm…let alone bed me… Urrrgh!!!”

His voice broke through her train of thoughts.

“You can come into my slaughterhouse/office young lady” he said, as he ushered her in.

A blast of welcome cool air hit her  and she adjusted her blouse self-consciously. Her eyes did a quick sweep of his impressive office. He noticed the gleam of silent appreciation in her eyes and smiled.

Lecturer: You didn’t expect my office to be this posh right? (She ignored him) …Well, I’ve got great taste; that’s why I have been on your case for ages

Ibim: So that’s what the F’s were about Mr. Georgewill?  An opportunity to get me into your office, to show me how posh your taste is… Well-done sir!

Lecturer: I didn’t say that now,did I?

Ibim: Then what is it about… SIR? 

He said nothing but gave her that look of pure lust and sexual hunger. She rolled her eyes and turn away from him.

“l’d rather stay celibate all my life, than fuck this mad-man. Afterall, I’ve been without sex for 3months, 2wks, and 4days!”
She thought. “Wait o, why am I thinking of my celibate life when I should be venting my anger and frustration on this man? Damn, I must really be horny to keep tabs on the months I’ve spent without sex.”


“OMG! Was that the sound of the door lock?”

She turned abruptly to glare at him but her heel gave way and she stumbled. He broke her fall with his solo arm. She shivered with fear and willed herself to be composed.

“Damn! She loved the muscular feel of his good arm. For a man who looked like he was in his forties, he was fit.”

She screamed in her head, pushed away from him and adjusted her skirt which had ridden up unexpectedly. He held her hand to stop her from pulling her skirt down.

Lecturer: I love that view Miss Ibim, don’t deprive me of it.”

Ibim: You pervert! I come here complaining  about the horrid grades you gave me… grades I don’t deserve… and you dare touch me! Did your stupid course rep. not tell you that I’m not interested in you or your one hand?

He flinched at her vile reference to his disability, pushed her to the wall with his prosthetic arm and held her in place. Then forced his lips on hers. She struggled but he used his knee and part of his body to keep her from moving and let his good hand wander up her thighs. His hand slid into her inner thigh and touched her panties.

Lecturer: This one armed man will teach you not to mock peoples disabilities

He kissed her again and this time, his hand finally found its way into her pussy-slit and teased her clit. Strangely, his touch scared and excited her at all at once. Her treacherous pussy began to moisten up  with a swiftness that shamed her. She felt him smile as her pussy became increasingly wet. This bothered her and she began to struggle weakly.

“Ibim you’re mad! You should be screaming, not getting turned on”

He nudged her legs open a little wider with his knee and put more pressure on her frame to stop her from struggling. Her skirt rode up higher and her thick thighs were in view. He tore off her now wet panties and allowed his fingers tease her clit. She sucked in air and stiffened in a last ditch attempt at rejecting him. He suddenly rammed two fingers into her pussy. A moan escaped her and she involuntarily opened her her legs wider, her eyes rolling up in barely restrained sexual  frustration. His mouth found hers again, sucking on her lower lip, teasing her with his tongue while he finger-fucked her. Her moan got louder and she urged him to finger-fuck her faster. He obliged and increased the tempo, thrusting into her so fast that he felt her shudder as her release tipped to the brim. He felt her moan louder, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm. His finger eased out of her pussy as she became limp. His hand guided her to his bulge and he smiled smugly at the look of surprise on Ibim’s face.

Lecturer: Feel that? It’s gonna be ramming you from behind and you’re gonna scream and beg for more. Now go to the table and do the doggy pose and take off your top.

She obeyed without protest, her pussy quivering with refreshed need. She heard his belt unbuckle and a dull thud as his trousers dropped to the floor. Curiously, she turned to catch a glimpse of his dick. His prosthetic arm was holding his trouser as he fished in the pocket for a condom. Her gaze fastened on his dick and her jaw dropped.

Ibim: Oh fuck! Your missing arm is disguised as your dick!!!

He chuckled and let her view it in all its glory.  Her pussy got wetter instantly. He walked up to her yanked her skirt above her hips and rubbed her bare buttocks lovingly. He pushed her face down till her cheek touched the table. His good arm reached to cup and massage her breast… tweaking and pinching her nipples, all the while pressing his bulge against her full rounded ass. He rubbed the head of his dick on her clit and groaned as her juice lubricated him. He stopped to wear the condom, positioned her ass so he could easily access her pussy with his dick then slid into her in one swift movement. She sighed and gave a soft moan as her pussy muscles clenched around his pulsating dick.

Ibim: Fuck me Mr. Georgewill…

Lecturer: Oh, I intend to do that. But first, I wanna hear you apologize…

He thrust into her deep and she screamed in pleasure. His dick delivered a few measured strokes then he stopped.

Ibim: I’m sorry sir… I’m so sorry… Please FUCK ME.

He rammed into her again; the force shifting the table a little.  She held the edges of the table and moaned louder as he rammed her from behind. His tempo suddenly slowed. He slid out of her pussy and when she was about to protest, rammed into her viciously. She screamed as she felt his dick hit her uterus. He slid out again. He continued to fuck her in this manner… giving her a few deep thrusts and sliding out of her. Her patience was tested.

Ibim: Please, just fuck me non-stop… don’t keep coming out… you’re gonna make me dry if you keep doing that.

Lecturer: You want me to fuck you nonstop? Then turn around. I want to see your face as I pound you.

She got up and turned to face him. He made her sit on the edge of the table and spread her legs apart. With his good hand, he guided his dick into her pussy again. Instinctively, he held on to the edges of the table for support and wrapped her legs around his waist. Bracing himself, he began to fuck her furiously. She threw her head back in ecstasy, her breast jiggling with every thrust as he pressed into her deeper and deeper till she could feel a dull pain in her womb. She screamed out loud, his dick causing her so much unbelievable pleasure and pain. She begged him for more as she felt her climax building. Her jiggling  excited him and made him pound  harder. The table rocked to the tempo of his thrusts; books and papers flew off it from all corners and their sex joining together made slappy noises. He rammed her with unbelievable strength, his one arm holding her waist close as he dug in.  She dug her nails into his back, her eyes widening to saucers.

Ibim: I’m cumming Mr. Georgewill…. oooh fuck it… fuck it… fuck it….

She heard him grunt and knew he was also cumming… Her screams, muffling out his grunts of release as he jerked in erotic spasm.

His dick deflated to a weak limp slug as the last of his sperm sipped out into the condom.

Lecturer: Wow! Now that’s worthy of an “A” Missy

She giggled and turned away as the guilt of letting herself go washed over her. He got off her, gave her a deep kiss, smiled and went into his adjoining toilet to clean himself up.

‘She’ll definitely get an “A” in both courses’, he thought as he flushed the condom down the toilet and attempted to ease himself.

He heard the door to the office slam shut. He rushed out from the toilet to discover she was gone. He chuckled. She was gone but the smell of her sweet pussy lingered. He laughed out loud as he put his office in order.

The next day, Ibim got a note from Mr. Georgewill through his “stupid course rep.” The note read……

“Good day Miss…. I’ve made the corrections you requested. Attached is a copy of both of your exam sheets with my signature below to facilitate the change of result. Take it to your faculty officer and do what’s necessary. Goodluck.
P.S.  If you need more tutorials on how to address the disabled, the door to my office is always open.
Signed: Mr. Georgewill.”

She smiled as she felt her pussy throb.



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