As I pulled out the drive way events of how I first met Tamara played back in my head.
I was playing on instagram when one of those s4s accounts mentioned her,she was tall dark skinned and had a gorgeous body every thing about her was perfect…. So I jumped on her page and liked all 254 of her pictures wahalai she wasnt photoshopped to reality she was beautiful,half an hour later she had followed back and also liked all my pictures
I know I sound like some sort of desperado but this babe was the shii
I also know stalking is illegal in all states and every country in the world but fuck the laws mehn I needed to know her
So I tracked her down to instamessage
Lord knows I was so nervous when I texted her and prayed for a reply but 2 weeks later heaven never gree answer my prayers 😦 .
It had been over 3 weeks since my crush uploaded a picture to instagram (I checked every day )

OK am digressing too much
Well she did reply and we became friends and we had been chatting  for 6months

*Present day*

In my lifetime I’ve had a lot of sex. Too much of it if you ask me and while I’ve enjoyed 70%, or lets say 60% of the sex I’ve had it with random guys in random places and random situations, it has never been quite like this. I think sometimes, it feels so good because its wrong on so many levels. he has a girl, im single, i like him, he likes me but timing is just not right but im not here to discuss feelings and emotions im here to talk about sex.

It happened in the afternoon of a hot lagos day, PHCN had performed their regualar duty of not providing electricity and i sat across from him and we decided what we were going to do with ourselves for the day. A couple of things came to mind

1. go get food

2. go see a movie

3. chill at home and do nothing

now, ive been wanting this guy for a long time and the hunger for sex was being reciprocated from him but somehow we had managed to wait almost 6 months no thanks to distance and our busy schedule without doing anything of the sort. Heat all of a sudden became an aphrodisiac and the sexual tension solid enough to break a chain saw. I looked at him, and he walked over to me and kissed me. ive never witnessed myself get so wet under the space of 30 seconds but my pussy was not even fucking around. it was practically begging to be fucked and after waiting so long for it i wasnt even thinking about foreplay but he had a bit more patience than me.

He carried me and threw me on the living room table, my hands were wrapped around him so he helped take my thong off quickly before i could think about what was happening his fingers found their way into my pussy, first one finger slowly; i felt myself get more excited, moan after moan escaping my mouth and then two fingers found their way to my G-Spot. My moaning got louder and louder and louder. i was so grateful for having a free big empty house so i could let him know how good he felt, better than i imagined it would be.

This is not a love story, as i moaned i did not whisper into his ears “i love you” or “let me show you how much i love you” i managed to speak amidst all my moans and asked him for only one thing “to fuck me like he meant it”. Before the words finished escaping my mouth, he pushed me on the table so i was lying down, legs on his shoulders and he went into me, he had me screaming, throwing things on the floor, i moaned louder, begged for more and used my legs to pull him closer, i closed my eyes to take the moment in and next thing he carried me off the table, put me down, bent me over and had my ass in the air. he fucked me and fucked me, i begged him to spank me and pull my hair, he spanked my ass, pulled my hair, spanked my ass again and again and fucked me till i came all over his dick.

To show my appreciation, i turned around and put his dick in my mouth, tasted me on him all the way to the back of my throat, i could see he was enjoying it. i give good blow jobs. he told me he was about to cum and i told him he should go about his business. i sucked on his dick, licked the tip of his dick and shoved his dick all the way to the back of my throat some more and just as i was slowing down, i felt him nut in my mouth so i went harder till he was completely done. Then i got up and opened my mouth in front of him and made him watch me swallow.


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