He was smooth. The kinda guy one noticed at a party; laughing out loud and hanging with the Hennessey and Moet drinking crew.

He was popular. He lived in a highbrow neighborhood, drove a powerful machine, belonged to an exclusive club and married a bombshell of a wife.

He was a player. His charm and easy wit brought the girls to his yard. Made them ride his dick while singing the Halleluyah chorus in gratitude.

His name is simply Pete….. Female bait, Shunster to boot and Coochie-Conquistador!

He loved ‘em and he left ‘em! No ties… No emotions… No room for Okafor’s theory!

Pete loved his women classy. Independent, strong, fit, attractive and sexually liberated women alerted his senses and loins. To him, shagging a woman with brains, looks and no sexual inhibition was Nirvana. Staring at Ure was like a pathway to his Nirvana. They were at a wedding reception and he’d noticed her seated in a group that consisted mostly of the Bride’s friends and family. She was everything in a woman he liked. Beautiful, Bold and Ballsy. She looked like she could make a man cum just by whispering his name with that husky, breathless voice…

“Pete… Pete… Peeeeteeeee…”

“Pete!” he snapped out of his mini reverie and turned to his wife who had been calling him. She was staring at him worriedly, unaware that his thoughts had upped and moved on to Ure’s table.

“I was asking if you’d like something to eat. I think they’ve started sharing food.”

The perks of bringing his wife to any occasion with him was that he wasn’t gonna stay hungry. She always managed to locate and secure food no matter how tight the security around the coolers were. His nod of agreement sent his Mrs. down a path that was sure to fill his belly. With wifey out of the way, he turned to Ure again. She threw her head back and laughed aloud at something her friend said. He watched her unabashedly, taking in the swell of her breast, the slimness of her waist in her dress… her yellow flawless thighs and dainty feet in their stiletto heels. Suddenly, she turned and caught him smack on, ogling her like a jelly-filled croissant. (Yes, Pete knew his pastries) She didn’t avert her eyes. She stared back, giving him a cursory once-over. Like the BOSS he was, he braved her stare; lifting his lips ever so slightly in a half smile.  Then just as suddenly, she turned away.

“Ure is definitely a freak!” his mind buzzed in delight. He had seen something dark and somewhat sinister cross her eyes… or maybe it was just the first few signs of hunger… BUT, she was a freak! He felt it in his bones.

The place was swarming with friends and family; he couldn’t just walk up and speak to her. He was gangsta, but not that gangsta. So he leaned back on his chair, put on his ray bans and poured himself a generous slosh of Hennessey. He needed to think, strategize and plot ways to bed Ure. She looked like she needed his D… there’s no way she could be complete without his D… he OWED it to humanity, to lay that D on her good and strong.

“Hi… can I get a drink from your bottle?” Ure had walked up to his table, holding a glass. Her face was deadpan; no expression or emotion. “A drink from your bottle…” That sounded sexual though. Without a word, he grabbed the bottle of Hennessey and gave it to her. She also poured a generous amount into her glass. But she didn’t leave. She sipped her drink and stared at him speculatively.

“So… wifey’s around to keep you in check right?”

“No one keeps me in check darling. I’m a pretty decent guy; I don’t need checking”, he replied. He wanted to sneer, just to prove he was super suave, but thought better of it. Sneering was for guys who possessed one ball. He had 2 balls and was mighty proud of them.

“Ok tough guy… if wifey doesn’t put you in check, how about we disappear for a few…” she said. Still no smile on her face.

Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak!!!!!!

Pete’s mind was on overdrive…. but he wasn’t reckless. He wanted Ure. He wanted to fuck some emotion into that carefully masked face… but he wasn’t gonna risk wifey knowing about it.

“Can’t. I don’t operate that way. But tell you what; if you really want us to ‘disappear’, as you put it, meet me upstairs in an hour.” There! He’d told her.

He discovered a long time ago that independent women liked to be sexually challenged. Ure smiled at him and sipped from her glass. She gave him a look… no words… just the look. And he under stood that look. It simply meant,

‘How cocky. Let me even fuck him and see what his arrogance is all about.”

He loved it when women gave him that look. His friends sniggered mischievously as Ure walked away. There offered several warnings: I know that babe; she no go nyash you. She too like awanse’ … ‘Pete, no let your wife catch you o’… ‘Bad-guy Pete’… ‘ ‘Oh boy sofri with that babe o. I hear say she dey burst blokos.’ He took the warnings in his stride with several sips of brandy.

And so he waited for the hour. He didn’t turn to look at Ure again but he felt her eyes drilling little dart holes of curiosity on his body. His wife appeared with a generously heaped plate of food and he wolfed it all down with relish while gisting and laughing with his friends. It was now an hour and 10minutes gone. He turned to look in her direction. She was anticipating his look. She got up, made excuses to her friends and walked away, pointedly heading to the back of the building near the reception tent. Pete ignored her. He was going to make her wait a little.

Souvenirs were being shared and his wife sprung up from her seat, and hurried off to help the Groom’s family with the distribution. Now was his chance. He swiftly made his way to the building, walking confidently. A few guys were by the staircase smoking cigarettes and amassing ‘party jollof’ in nylons. Pete walked past them, barely acknowledging their presence as he took the stairs in twos.

She was upset. He could tell. He had kept her waiting and she wasn’t happy. Independent types didn’t like to be kept waiting. They had every women’s liberation quote at their finger-tips to backup why being tardy was the 11th commandment.

“You have just ruined the one shot you had at…”

His kiss silenced her. It was hard and forceful at first, because she struggled. Then it became gentle, soft and exploring. She tasted like brandy. Her struggle faded and her hands snaked themselves around his neck as she melted into him. He grabbed her ass and ground his pelvis into hers. She moaned lightly.

“I saw a small room that looked like an office back there. Let go.”

She held his hand and lead him to the small office. She locked the door and lifted her dress up. She wore dark panties with pink trimmings.

“You have a condom?” she asked eagerly.

“Shut up! you talk too damned much” he told her without emotion. She was taken aback by his statement and the beginnings of a frown crept up her face. He approached her and yanked the dress up, over her head. She stood there, her eyes staring him down defiantly. His hand reach down into her panties, delving further, the heat of her pussy warming his fingers. She wasn’t circumcised; he brushed against her clit and felt her clench. They stared at each other, her breathing becoming increasingly labored as he gently tweaked at her clit and slid two fingers into her wet, slimy pussy. Her eyes glazed over but she still stared at him. His other hand reached for her breast and caressed her nipple through her bra. The little buds peaked in anticipation.

As his fingers thrust into her, she reached for his trouser and unzipped him. All glorious 7inches of trouser-snake popped out, its tip shimmering with pre-cum. He was endowed, not only in length, but in girth and the dick wasn’t fully erect. Ure’s knees threatened to buckle under her but she braved it and managed to caress him without letting out a moan. Pete removed his fingers from its moist nest and slowly licked it.

“Oh fuck!” she muttered as she watched him lick her juice off his fingers. He kissed her… deeply… so she could taste her essence in his mouth. Edging her towards the lone desk in the small office, he pushed her on her back, hooked her panties to one side of her fleshy pussy lips and teased her labia with his dick-head. She moaned. He played with her southern lips, pre-cum oozing out of his dick and mixing with her juice.

“Fuck me damnit!” she growled impatiently. He smiled, got a condom from his wallet and slid it on his turgid appendage. As soon as the condom came on, she got off the table and pushed him on it. Climbing atop him nimbly, she turned, reverse cowgirl style, and sat on his dick. Pete lifted his waist slightly, thrusting his full length into her, watching his dick slowly disappear into her wet pussy. He held her waist and thrust in sharply to ensure that he filled her to the hilt. Her moan this time was loud. He didn’t move. He wanted her pussy to get acquainted with his size. She leaned forward and her ass was right there, in his face. Slowly, she began to move….back and forth, her ass moving to an unknown rhythm, his hands splayed around her hips.

“Ooooooh… you fill me up so good.” she moaned.

Her tempo increased slightly and she leaned forward to gently squeeze his balls; using them to tease her fully aroused and elongated clit. Her whimper became louder and he knew she would climax soon.

“Oh gawwwwd….Come on baby, fuck me… give it to me… fuck this pussy. Fuck it real good.”

He moved then; to aid her release… jacking his waist up and down, thrusting into her as she bounced on top of him. Her whimpers turned into cries as she came. Pete chose that moment to sit up and push her face-down on the desk. Then he began thrusting into her, using the table as brace. Her ass bounced, and her pussy whistled as air got sucked into it and forced out with every thrust. Another wave of orgasm coursed through her, making her cry out louder.

“I’m cumming…. I’m cumming… I’m cumming…. Oh gawwwd I’m cumming…”

He got off the table and lay her on her back, spreading her legs apart. Her pussy gleamed with the sheen of her cum. Pulling her ass towards him roughly, he thrust into her again and fucked her fast and hard. One of her hand gripped the edge of the table while the other pressed down on her stomach. His dick was hitting her womb hard and she was screaming mindlessly. He whipped out a face towel from his trouser back-pocket and handed it to her.

“Bite that and stop screaming before you koba us!” he ordered.

She balled the face towel and shoved it in her mouth, biting on it while he fucked her.

“Mmmmm…… Mmmmmmmmm….. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..”

Her cries were coming out in muffled “mmmmsss” as he kept driving into her relentlessly. After a few minutes, she removed the face towel from her mouth and growled.

“Fucking cum you fucking torturer! My pussy is on fire already!!!”

He smiled and drove into her deeper, making her scream in pain. She tried to flinch back but he held her waist firm and drove into her deep again. Her whimper was now sounding tortured; her pleasure mixed with pain. He pulled her up to sitting position and kissed her tenderly, bending to take one nipple in his mouth and sucking on it. She moaned and held his head.

“Tell me to fill you with cum…. say it nice and slow…. like you mean it,” he told her.

“Fill me with cum baby…. shoot that thick juice into my pussy….  I want that gooey essence all over my pussy…. I want to smell it…. touch it…. taste it…..”

His drove into her, his tempo increasing as she moaned out her need for his cum.

“Arrgggggggh……. fuck!” He pulled her close, shooting is seed into the condom, breathing heavily. She collapsed back on the table and watched him tiredly as he removed his condom and put it on a paper he found on the desk. He wiped his dick off with his face-towel and pulled back his trouser. He was sweating profusely but he didn’t mind. He stuffed the paper-wrapped condom into the face towel and put them in his pocket. With a wry smile, he winked at Ure and left the office.

On his way down the stairs, he met the same group of guys discussing. The rice filled nylon was gone. They guys were smoking a joint. they gave him curious looks and cast furtive glances up the stairs. But they said nothing. He asked for a few drags of their joint and they willingly obliged him. Taking a few tokes, he thanked them and left the building.

“Where have you been Pete. I was looking all over for you. And why are you sweating like this?” His wife was mildly suspicious.

“Meeehn… I over ate and it made me a bit nauseous so I went to the back of that building to smoke small kush…”

“I thought you said you’ve given up smoking igbo?” She asked in disappointment.

“I swear, I have. Today’s own was borne out of necessity. I’m sorry”

“Oya let’s go. I’ve collected our wedding souvenirs and locked them in the car. I’ve already told the bride and groom bye-bye on our behalf. Besides, its getting late and the kids would begin to worry.” She told him without pausing for breath.

“Ok. car keys…” he asked mock-contritely.

“After drinking a bottle of Hennessey yourself and smoking igbo, you think I will let you drive? Pffft!”

She led the way as they left the wedding reception. He threw a few words of goodbyes to his friends before exiting.


Ure came down 30 minutes later. She seemed calm, cool, collected but her pussy told a different story. She felt like she had been run over by a steam-roller. All she wanted to do was go home, lay on her bed with her legs spread-eagled to allow the A/C cool her throbbing pussy and fall asleep while relieving the moment. She looked around; he was nowhere to be found. For some strange reason, that hurt her. A total stranger had driven her to the cliff of orgasm and had made her tumble over it four times… And she didn’t even catch his name.





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