Lodge Action

They were done with the business of the day and now they sat around lounging. Chike and his cousin listened as their friends regaled them with stories of their various sexcapades since entering Abuja. Chike listen intently; guffawing when necessary and throwing in an occasional sarcastic comment. A few ladies walked over to join them. He had seen a couple of them at the accreditation center. He answered their giggly greetings with a curt nod, drank his beer and watched the interchange, barely trying to suppress a yawn. His cousin, Uche, had been eyeballing a particular girl… his eyes making quick work of stripping her naked. The girl joined them and Uche, vibrating with excitement leaned towards him.

“Guy, we gast fuck before we leave this town o. I’ve heard about all these Abuja girls… freaks, every one of them. A threesome will not be a bad idea o; abi wetin you think?” Uche muttered.

Chike remained stoically silent but he perused Uche’s Fuck-Interest. By his ‘esteemed” estimation, she was pretty in the usual way. Nothing unique about her beauty. Uche was horny… He was always horny anyways and Chike could tell that he wanted to lay somebody. Not like Chike himself didn’t want to fuck but he wasn’t so hard-pressed for it. For his build, girls surprisingly threw themselves at him, freewill. And when they came at him, he chopped them down mercilessly. He was big in frame and big in cock and that made him smug as hell. When other guys displayed their thirst, Chike laid back and watched them.

“Chike, isn’t that the babe from the plane?” Uche asked him curiously.

Chike turned in the direction Uche indicated and narrowed his eyes. The babe in question had her back to them but she was very light-skinned, shapely and tall. Chike shrugged nonchalantly and turned away. He wanted to get back to their lodge and chillax in the comfort of his room. He planned to get laid but he was not going to pounce on any pussy that was available. That wasn’t his style. But Uche was determined to lure him out.

“I tell you, its the babe from the plane. Look at her. I think she changed clothes or something.” Uche opined.

Chike sigh and this time turned to look at the light-skinned girl really well. She did look like the girl from the plane. The same girl who had walked up to him at the tarmac and asked for his number. If his memory served him well, the babe from the plane was smashable. Allowing his thoughts gallop free for a brief second, Chike imagined fucking her.

“I thought you both exchanged numbers? Call her nau…” Uche sounded desperate.

Chike whipped out his phone to punch the number. Just then, the light-skinned babe turn around and he stopped. She wasn’t the girl from the plane but this one was also very pretty. She noticed Chike and his cousin staring at her and threw them a welcoming smile. Uche was on his feet instantly, going over to introduce himself to her. She accompanied Uche back to their table, waved a greeting at Chike and sat down with them. Time slipped by as they drank, talked, exchanged banters and laughs. Uche’s initial Fuck-Interest suddenly began to give him a bit more attention and he lapped it up thirstily and left the light-skinned girl virtually abandoned. Chike, of course, was still acting aloof… not making any attempt to converse wit her. Eventually, she turned to him and smiled brightly. He rewarded her with a brooding look. The girl was undeterred though. She continued chatting with him and after a while, Chike let down his guard and became  a tad friendlier. Soon, the other guys began to leave. Chike gave Uche the eye… a silent signal to prompt him for exit. Soon, they were bidding farewell to their friends and heading towards their car.

They got to the lodge and of course, the ladies accompanied them. They all knew what was going down so all airs and assumptions had been dropped at the drinking spot. The only thing on everybody’s mind was sex. Sweaty, poundy sex that would sate their loins and help their blood-alcohol level via torrid exertion. Uche and his babe had meandered into his room while Chike and the light-skinned girl (he eventually found out that her name was actually IFY) entered his room. He had barely closed the door behind him when she pounced on him and kissed him with a fever that scorched his face. Chike smiled and pulled her close, kissing her back and grabbing and squeezing her ass.

“Wait a minute…” She said huskily as she pushed away from him. “I want to ask you for something…”

“What…?” Chike asked gruffly… his voice ladened with need.

“I want your cousin to join us…” she said and stared into his eyes, challenging him to say no.

Chike’s smile appeared… growing into a full grin.

“This news will send Uche to heaven,” he thought in amusement.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked her.

“Yes… very, very sure!” she replied.

“Give me a minute to get him then.”

Chike left the room and dashed out to knock on Uche’s door. He didn’t expect the door to open abruptly. He assumed Uche would be hard at work, fucking the babe that had followed him to the lodge. Alas, Uche opened the door, still fully clothed. Chike’s surpise reflected briefly.

“You’re not fucking?”

Uche let out a very long, irritated hiss. “Can you imagine the babe entered room and suddenly began to ‘form’ coy.”

Chike laughed out loud and shook his head.

“Your babe is acting coy, my babe wants a threesome!” Chike replied.

Uche’s eyes widened instantly at the word threesome.

“Then what are we doing here? Let’s go abeg.”

Chike watched Uche head towards his room briskly and followed him. Both guys entered the room together to find Ify in her underwear, sprawled on the bed, propped by pillows and smoking weed. Her eyes had glazed over in an apparent ‘high’. Not wasting time, Uche unbuckled his belt, removed his trousers and shirt and walked up to Ify in his boxers. His bulge grew with each step he took. She killed the blunt quickly and sat up as Uche approached her. He brought out his cock with flourish, as if expecting the girl to swoon. She licked her lips and grabbed his cock, stroking it slowly… her eyes inviting Chike to join in. She slipped Uche’s cock into her mouth… He let out a satisfied groan as she sucked his dick like a pro. Chike watched his cousin’s leg shake a little as he tried to maintain his stance while Ify milked him with her mouth. Uche turned to give Chike a look.

Chike sighed and began to peel off his clothes. Naked save for his boxers, he made his way towards the duo on the bed. Uche, acting all magnanimous, removed his cock from Ify’s mouth to allow him a turn. Chike stood hesitantly for a second then released his cock. Ify gasped and looked at Chike’s face. Uche wasted no time… he joined her on the bed and urged her into doggy position. There were some condoms on the side table. Uche grabbed one and tore the foil.

Ify’s already wet pussy turned into a waterfall at the sight of Chike’s cock. She expectrd him to be barely average because of his size but the cock before her was anything  but average. His was the fattest dick she’d ever seen and the insane need to have him inside her made her moan. Chike was hard… throbbing and he watched her lift him and guide him into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out automatically as he filled her mouth. He stiffened even more as she began to move her head back and forth and occasionally applying suctions pressure on his dick-head.

Uche thrust into Ify, making her gag over Chike’s dick. The cousins exchanged mischievous looks and as if on some silent cue, they began to fuck her in the same rhythm and tempo. Chike’s cock fucked her mouth while Uche’s cock fucked her pussy. Her whimpers got louder and the guys fucked her from both ends faster. She let go of Chike’s dick and cried out as she felt herself climax. Chike stroked his dick and watched Uche slow down, allowing her orgasm wash over her. Turning her on her back, Uche spread her legs apart and entered her again, thrusting in with a momentum that made her moan aloud.Chike knelt above her face, allowing his balls dangling deliciously close to her mouth while he stroked himself.

Ify’s tongue flickered out and touched Chike’s balls. She grabbed his thighs and pulled him down till she could take his balls into her mouth and knead them gently, using her cheeks and twirled them with her tongue. Chike let out an involuntary grunt and grabbed her average breast, squeezing them roughly. Ify bucked her hips up and down to meet Uche’s thrusts and teabagged Chike. The sight before him was just too much for his sensibilities… Uche felt his climax rising and thrust into her deeply, squeezing her butt and pressing into her as he came. He withdrew almost immediately and grabbed his cock, removed the condom, aimed for her belly and stroked himself till the last few spurts of semen were released. Chike got off Ify’s face and lay on his back, beckoning her to come ride him.

Ify smeared the semen on her belly and rubbed it lovingly. Then she lifted her fingers to her lips and licked it. Chike’s cock threatened to explode. He managed to slip the condom over his enormous cock and pulled her atop him. He watched in fascination as she guided his dick into her pussy. Because of his size, she appeared tight despite being so wet. She screamed out loud as she sank down over his cock… slowly taking him in.

“Ride me” Chike ordered.

Ify began to ride him,,, taking it slowly, getting accustomed to the monstrosity inside her. She squeezed her breasts, threw her head back, arched her back and ground on him in slow circular movements. Chike grabbed her hips and thrust up. Her scream was music to his ears. He thrust again…. and again…. and yet again, enjoying her squeals. She got off his dick panting furiously.

“My pussy…. chai! its going to explode…” She said.

“You want me to change position? If I take you missionary-style, I will sink my cock so deep its gonna touch your tongue. From this position, you can actually control how much of me you wanna take.” he told her nonchalantly.

Ify, her breathing a tad controlled, positioned herself to ride him but this time, reverse cowgirl style. With her ass in his view, Chike grabbed her waist and jacked into her from under, his waist moving with a fluidity that belied his size. Ify screamed out in pleasure and pain… her pussy getting a lot more comfortable as she began to move up and down, fucking him with a lot more courage. Chike’s breath quickened as she reached one hand out back and grabbed his nipple and squeezed it. He groaned and fucked her harder from under, watching her ass jiggle with the impact of his thrust. Uche was already getting hard again as he watched Chike and Ify fuck. He decided to join them. Uche found a spot between Chike’s spread-out legs and knelt there. Holding Ify by the shoulder, he pushed her head down it her lips touched his cock. Ify opened her mouth to swallow Uche’s cock while Chike bruised into her, increasing his tempo as his orgasm mounted.

“Fuck this! I think the condom broke and I’m about to cum.” Chike grumbled as he yanked his dick out of her and peeled off the offending condom.

Ify was up instantly, abandoning Uche’s dick and turning to Chike’s. She leaned and took Chike into her mouth, sucking him hard. He clenched his buttocks suddenly and jerked his pelvis up, burying his cock deep inside her throat and shot his cum in her mouth. Ify sucked him, swallowing his sperm gladly and making him groan aloud. Her ass was in the air as she sucked off Chike. Uche quickly slipped on a condom and entered her. she gasped through her mouthful of cock and reached to touch her clit. Uche fucked hard, giving her long strokes and making sure he went in deep. Chike watched them fuck, breathing hard and trying to calm himself down when suddenly Uche screamed out loud.

“FUCK! You’re gonna make me cum….. FUCK… she’s gripping me with her pussy muscles bro… I’m gonna cum…. Oh FUCK!!!”

Uche came again, groaning loudly and gripping her waist. he let go of her and she fell on the bed limply, trying hard to catch her breath. Uche also fell back, panting. There was a knock on the door. Chike, Uche and Ify looked up simultaneously. The knock continued, getting louder with each rap. Chike cleared his throat and answered…

“Yes, who’s it?”

“Its me…. Please is Uche there with you?” came the female voice.

Chike and Uche exchanged looks. The cousins had an understanding bond and could communicate with mere exchnage of looks. So many meanings passed between them. Then they turned back to the door and simultaneously responded….

“…PLEASE FUCK OFF!!!”….#Dame


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