One Lucky night part2

  Let’s have a threesome…… Few hours ago I had given up hope of getting any action and here I was about to have a threesome! I thought as I examined Temi’s roomie, she wasn’t so tall but had a killer shape, her hips where all over the place, her breast was all firm and massive her current tipsy state gave her this “PLEASE FUCK ME!” look and am going to grant her request…”ooo Nikky we are tired Jor besides Mike is leaving soon”…huh dafuq I just heard?…Temi was gonna rain on my parade, Nooo! am not tired yet, I quickly objected! sounding too desperate I added, “Temi rest a while, while me and Nikky have a lil fun you can join in”…..Temi gave me a fierce look, greedy babe doesn’t wanna share when there is plenty of me to go round.
>Nikky didn’t seem to care she just wanted to fuck!…..I wonder what she’s on thats giving her this trips. Nikky wore a blue really tight and short gown and she took it off really slowly as she struggled with her current chemical state, the sight of her wiggling out dress forced blood rushing to my dick and I was getting hard once more….Finally! it was off, a red bra and no panties, she unhooked the bra and her boobs popped out of captivity, I stood up walked to her, she met me half way and our lips locked. She tasted of kush and spirit, slowly at first as the tension grew so did the force of our kiss, until I felt like I was sucking the life out of her, pulled up for air and she pushed back till I sat back on the bed, she had this hungry look on her face as she went down grabbed my dick fitting it into her mouth till it touched the back of her throat, started sucking my dick while tickling my balls. I reached for her nipples after searching round her huge boobs I found them pecky and hard, ran my fingers round them for a while, she trembled under the effect so I switched positions. I had her left breast in my mouth licking and sucking while I fondled her right breast, shot a glance at Temi she was UN bothered by us as she shuffled music on her iphone, my hand left her right boobs and slowly went down to her pussy stopping briefly at her pierced belly button, then around the surface of her pussy dancing round and massaging, one finger first and then the second. I massaged her clit expertly, listening as her moans grew louder and louder, shot another glance at Temi, she had dropped her phone and was looking at her roomate moan as she slowly licked her lips, good she had taken interest!…I spread Nikky’s legs further apart as I started finger fucking her, making sure I tapped her G-spot sending vibrations through her body “Fuck me please fuck me” she pleaded……. Invitation accepted I thought as I stood up scrambled through my pants for a condom noticingTemi was touching herself slowly.
Wore the condom and Nikky laid on the bed spread her legs so far apart, I slowly inserted my dick and almost immediately i started fucking her as hard as I could, she wasn’t even moaning she was screaming!….till Temi muffled her mouth with a kiss, turned around, crawled backwards on the bed till she had her pussy over Nikky’s face, who started sucking on her pussy making slubering sounds…Shii just got real I continued fucking Nikky for a while, pulled out and she got into a doggy position just when I was about to insert my dick back into her clit, Temi assumed the same position beside Nikky, I had two fat asses in front of me ready for the dick, I inserted my dick into Nikky’s clit strokin for a couple minutes then switched to Temi’s. It was so difficult to keep up both pussy(s) were warm and tight which made it quite difficult to get myself to withdraw. Temi noticed my struggle and on all fours she sneaked to my back and started planting wet kisses all over my back going slowly up to my neck, tried to concentrate as I grabbed Nikky’s hips and started deep thrusting, fucking her soul, she was so wet and my laps touching her ass while I fucked her gave this clapping sound. I could feel her laps vibrate as she orgasmed and collapsed, left her and switched to Temi who was still planting kisses on my back, I lifted her up she held my back passing her hands under mine while locking my waist with her legs, I inserted my dick in her pussy and she let out a soft moan in my ears as I stroked her gently at first, then grabbing her legs and holding them firm and apart. I started fucking her like some wild animal she kept screaming “Am cuming Am cuming”….I felt her pussy tighten around my dick also feeling my cum build up as we came togeda collapsing on the bed. Nikky who had been watching us patiently immediately grabbed my dick and started sucking it back to life, till I got hard again then  she saddled me, it was going to be a long night… The end…..craziNgerian

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