Friend zone

I know you want to fuck me,I can literally feel Ur eyes crawling over my cleavages she said with a calm but a little disgusted voice while maintaining eye contact, Noooo!! fuck you ke I quickly interrupted can’t we share a drink together again I said flashing my winner’s smile,well you ain’t getting some she added and continued sipping her drink.
  Asking Thonia out for a drink was meant to b a giant stride out of the friend zone I had stayed rather uncomfortably over the last 4 years,she had been posted to Lagos for youth service and knew nobody here and I let her stay wit me,this turned out to be a disaster, she scared all my Friends with benefits away I mean this babe wasn’t fucking me but was teasing me with all her mini skirts and bumshorts she wore around the house, after close to a month of forced celibacy I could feel my sperm solidifying and knew I had to do something really fast.we were seated at raphsody bar Ikeja Mall, while sucking my bottle of beer I listened to her yap on about her boyfriend and how amazing he was,I was the textbook definition of friendzone,two movies,a couple jumbo popcorns and drinks on my pocket later,she was still all about her boo.
   Are you listening to me? She asked noddging my arms,my mind had wondered off trailing some nice ass that just walked into the bar,Yesss sure I am.what were you looking at? Her curious face lit up.The bar I replied (I wasn’t lying the nice ass took a stool by the bar) let’s do shots I quickly added,a few moments later we were going shots on shot of Vodka,the nice ass lady had joined us,something Thonia didn’t approve of  seeing her plastic smile,Ronke wasn’t there long but we did exchange numbers before she left( thank God for the confidence vodka Bestowed on me).
  Being a veteran drinker I could hold my liquor after 10shots but not Thonia,she had started talking too much laughing to every dry joke said, even admitted being horny and missing her night was turning out fun after all,I made sure the shots kept coming through and watched her loose her self to the Russian drink,why hadn’t I thought of this since,well she had enough so I paid, held her hands and led her to the car and made the 5mins drive from the mall home.
  We got into the house and she walked straight to the room.I was grinning like a rabbid dog as I followed her thinking of all the ways I’ll fuck her …BANG!! She slammed my door in my face,I stood transfixed for a while sighed and went to the couch peeped at the clock it was past 11pm,cursing her under my breath as I tried to sleep off,conji is bastard sleep wasn’t coming I laid there wide eyed till I dozed off….
My phone rang a couple minutes past 12 it was Ronke the nice ass babe from Raphsody,asking me to check my text messages “Am bored and lonely here,room 83 IBIS hotel;)” ,rubbed my eyes and read it again,in less than a minute I was dressed and literally running to my car as I called Ronke confirming I was on my way,she chuckled and asked me to hurry….
Ladies and gentlemen am sure you think I am an idiot,this babe could be a ritualist,a kidnapper or something maybe it was a setup,but when conji is involved thinking is quite difficult.
  Knocked on the door, she opened looked at me lustfully and pulled me for a deep kiss before leading me to the massive bed, pushed me on it and stripped hurriedly,while I wondered why she was rushing she seemed to read my thought and said my boyfriend will be back in by 1 so lets hurry she said as she dropped her panties revealing her well shaved pussy,I was out of my clothes in mere seconds,reached for my condoms stocked in my jeans wore one quickly as she stood watching patiently. I pulled her to the bed on me and she saddled me fitting nicelessly moaning at my size and started grinding me with so such speed rolling her waist like a belly dancer, my boyfriend only lasts for a minute and I want to be fucked properly tonight so fuck me properly she said, she was explaining things I didn’t care about,pushed her to the bed spread her legs apart inserted my dick and started fucking her while massaging her breast running my fingers round her nipples she moaned as she clawed my back holding on to me like some Siamese twin,put her hands back on the bed and held them down firmly as I spread her legs apart with mine her nipples were hard and grazing on my chest as I fucked her missionary position,peeped at the clock it was few minutes to 1am, I knew I had to cum fast before her boyfriend showed up,turned her around her nice ass facing me I inserted my dick into her pussy and started fucking her wildly as fast as I could holding her waist tight as I rammed my dick into her going as deep as i could till we both orgasmed at the same time,she let out a breathe of satisfaction ordering me to get dressed and get out adding that she would call me when she could,I walked passed a man I supposed was her boyfriend as I made for the elevator.the carpark and drove home a happy man.
Got home closed the door and put on the light,sitting on the couch was thonia legs crossed,where did u go to by this time she asked letting out a sigh of relief,I was worried she said, ” ahhan why is she asking when she’s not my Girlfriend” was my thought ,I took a stroll couldn’t sleep was horny I replied,are you still horny? She asked  looking me in the eyes.well yes I added ,thinking it was another of her friend zone tactics to torture me,well I was wrong!…Good so am i,that vodka did a number on me she said standing up letting her nightgown fall revealing just a red thong and no bra but her huge boobs that had tormented me for a while,waving her index finger signaling me to follow her as she walked seductively into the room….to be continued.. #CraziNigerian

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