Forest fuck

I ve always been a fitness fanatic,jogging 5am every morning and going to the gym every night,i was passionate about being fit,and had just moved into  Ibafo having finally completed my personal house and continued my jogging routine.
   I noticed her when I changed routes one morning taking an alternative street I saw her jogging at a steady rhythm right in front of me,she had ass not yansh it wasnt so big but was sexy to look at in her little running shorts,her legs were long and extended without an end, light skinned with her hair packed in a ponytail,she had a sexy athletic figure just to say the least I thought taking off my singlet as I sped up to her and maintained a pace to match hers,ear phones plugged in her ears didn’t let her notice me for a while,until she looked at her side saw me and smile.
Over the next two weeks we had becoming jogging  as well as gym partners her name was Stephanie friends called her Scorpio and she had made it her life’s mission to tease and taunt me with her ass in little shorts I tried to match her sexiness by neglecting every form of shirts and singlet,I had a model figure ,well built, chiseled to perfection ,greek body and she was gonna see all of it,the sexual tension between us was over the top and I could see her nipples hard on her top while we were out on a run together on a empty road,she had caught me stare more than once and smiled whenever she did,she had chosen this route and I wondered why we haven’t seen a car or house in miles.ibafo was mostly bush and barren lands yeah the government was still developing the place, There’s trees flanking our left and fields on our right. “We should go into the woods and see how fast we can take our clothes off,” she said rather quickly,stunned by her own confidence,i got her drift and gave a little smirk.
“I don’t really want to go into the woods “I mean I wanted to fuck this babe but not inside the woods maybe somewhere more polite like on the hood of my car …
“It won’t be so bad she replied, we can find a nice area in there and no one will see us. I’ll make it worth your while,” with a wink.
I agreed and we head on in. Just past the tree line it opens up a bit. There is a tree with a low fork in it, a perfect place for her to brace herself up against I thought as we walked over to it i pulled her close, my dick already hard and pressed up against her through my shorts. We kiss and our tongues linger for an extra moment,she grabbed around the back of my shorts and begin tugging them down,going down with them  she took my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth licking and milking me while rolling her tongue round the tip of my dickhead,she’s in a crouched position there with her hands on my ass pulling my hips into her, bringing my cock further into her mouth.I could feel my cum rise up and I began to think of frivolous things, isreal is bombing Gaza,Ebola is in lagos, pushed her head away and she stoodup  hooking her thumbs under her shorts and panties and turned around as she began pulling them down her legs she bent over so that her ass is slowly revealed to me and then suddenly your pussy,finally i was gonna fuck her after weeks of teasing her ass and pussy are glistening in the light sunshine as the day was breaking from sweat and juices.I hungrily grabbed a hold of her ass cheeks and pulled them apart so I could see her asshole,came closer to her and put my thumb into her pussy. It felt so warm and wet,slowly thumb fucked her briefly enjoying her light moans,then I pulled out my thumb and placed my hand at the top of her ass circling my thumb around her asshole  make it wet while I slide my dick into her pussy. I began slowly fucking her slowly as I lightly push my thumb against her ass,she put her hands up on the forked tree to support herself with her back arching towards me as I thrust my dick into her just as slowly but harder. Each time I went deep inside of her I pushed my thumb a little harder until I feel it about to slip in. With the next thrust of my engorged cock, I began fucking her at a regular tempo as I slowly work my thumb back and forth around her ass, going slightly deeper each time.her ass vibrated slowly with each thrust and I started fucking her savagely and her soft moans turned to loud screams, scouted round for any unwanted guest as I pulled out,turned her around to face me and lifted her in a sitting position on my arms,before gently fitting her on my dick standing upright I didn’t start slow I started ramming my dick deeper and deeper making her claw on my back as she gasped for air Faster chris fuck me faster harder please fuck me harder yessss fuck me pleasee  she kept moaning as she started aching her waist to meet my stride midway my arms were already killing me from her weight I didn’t care,the soldier ant that thought it was a good idea to climb my legs was the last thing on my mind I.I just wanted to fuck Stephanie to another universe.
She dug her nails deep into my back and I could feel her pussy wall tighten against my dick as she tightened her legs around my waist I knew she was about to orgasm,good I could feel my cum building up and I continued fucking until we erupted together her juice flowing down my dick while my warm seed filled her up I kept fucking her till every last drop was out and my dick had become limp before gently putting her down..the end….CraziNigerian

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