Mindgames pt2

She got up off the bed and begrudgingly pulled the dress over her head,her  pussy was still wet from the last encounter. All she could  think about is my hard cock ramming deep inside of her Pussy.I was cleaned up nicely in a suit.grabbed her hand and led her out to the car, opened the passenger side door and helped her into the cabin. I got in the car and we drove off,she slid over to be closer to me and rubbed on the outside of my pants, making my dick grow harder  I tugged up on her dress and began playing with your pussy again,while she undid my pants and released my big dick from its fabric prison,she pulled my hand away and leaned down to put as much of my dick into her mouth as she could My hips involuntarily moved closer with the sensation of her mouth gliding over all of my dick,she bobbed her head up and down my cock and added a hand to the motion. I wanted to cum badly but I didn’t want her to stop. I concentrated on my driving so I could enjoy the blowjob for as long as possible.she could feel when I was getting close to blowing my load down her throat and quickly slowed her pace and then stopped. My dick begged for her to finish me,she attempted to put it back in my pants but found it to be too difficult with my massive dick. She gently slapped it around the head but that just left me wanting more. I pulled into the parking spot of Coral blue restaurant Victoria island and leaned into her, grabbing her boobs, i tried to entice her into a quickie before dinner,she laughed and tried to pull away but once she felt my dick enter her as I pulled her onto my lap, she surrendered her body to me. I grabbed her sides and moved her up and down my dick slowly trying not to make the car bounce, I was already close and it wasn’t long until I came into her, letting my dick pump everything I had.
  I gave her a long kiss and moved her off of my lap. As my juices flowed back out of her, she scooped them up with her hand and sucked it off her fingers. We straightened our clothes and headed in for dinner…..
After a satisfying meal we dove back into the car and raced home. Both of us desiring to ravage each other’s bodies and release into orgasmic bliss.she sat close to me as the speedometer teetered across 75 mph. I needed my cock in her mouth. I needed to explode down the back of her throat, then flip her over and fuck her pussy like a wild beast. We finally arrived at the house after what seemed like forever. We rushed towards the bedroom, making out and stripping the other’s body as we went. I felt my legs hit the end of the bed and she pushed me down into a seating position, sat upon my lap and wrapped her legs around me,she began kissing my left earlobe and her tongue traveled down my neck to my chest.her licks turned into kisses as she unwrapped her legs and her ass slid off my legs to the floor. She continued to kiss down my stomach, pulled my legs apart and knelt in front of me and wrapped her eager fingers around my rock hard dick, stared into my eyes as she leaned forward and kissed the tip of my dick.
My dick began throbbing and my pulse racing as she took my thick dick into her mouth, not stopping until the tip reached the back of your throat,her pussy was getting wetter as the floor under her started to puddle,she moved her hand in motion with her mouth, yearning for my hot cum sucking faster and faster, moved her mouth to my balls and beat my dick until she could feel it pulsing with content to shoot its load into her mouth I was barely containing myself, I wanted to do nothing but cum.
    I want you to cum in my mouth, baby,” she commanded in between sucks as she began to stroke my dick aggressively, trying to milk it. “Cum for me, baby! I need to taste your hot cum down my throat!” I suddenly took control of myself and said, “Not yet, not until I say so.I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back lightly, stood up and grabbed her by her hair before she fell down to her ass,pulled her head towards my throbbing dick and pushed it into her mouth. I thrust her head back and forth on my dick, making her gag as it bounced off the back of her throat, letting her gasp for breath every few strokes,her pussy was on fire with the need to be fucked,she wrapped her arms around me and took hold of my ass as I fucked her throat. My slightly bent cock gliding down the curve of her throat. I pulled her head close, forcing the entirety of my girth  and 9″ into her mouth, feeling her choke on it,let go of her hair and she pulled her head away, her lungs burning for air.she stood up and laid down on the bed, boobs facing me, “Fuck my pussy!”
Her perfect pink pussy was soaked from the anticipation. I climbed onto the bed, pushed her knees down to the side and slide right into her wet pussy. I began thrusting with the full length of my member at a steady pace,she was ready to cum from everything that had already happened. I was reaching my wits end keeping myself from releasing into her pussy. “Fuck me harder. Oh god yes, please, yes. Fuck! FUCK! HARDER!!” I picked up my rhythm and slammed my dick in and out, in an out. The headboard was beating down the wall behind it as i fucked her savagely ,she grabbed the spindles and held on tight as she began to cum hard all over me. I could feel her pussy tightening up around me as my dick began to release itself. I continued fucking her until every last drop was gone…..#crazinigerian

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