Mind Games part 1

She called on her drive from the office  because it’s been a rough day and she wanted to  come over,  drawing a hot bath for her I put in some soap so it’ll bubble up, poured her a nice large glass of cognac and placed it on the bathroom counter.
  she got home and I held her in a hug, kissed her forehead and sent her towards the steaming tub, watching her undress. The way her boobs let loose once her bra was unhooked and the curve of her muscular ass made my pants tight.she sat next to the tub swirling the water around with hand, As you swung one of your legs over into the tub I saw her pink lips staring back at me for just a few seconds before she sank into the bubbles. Brought the cognac over to her and walked out of the bathroom. After a short while I came back in with my shirt off, grabed two towels off the rack and knelt down on the floor and warming up one of the towels in d water i and placed it across her forehead, covering her eyes. reached into the tub and started washing her body, beginning at the base of her neck and across her shoulders,  her arms to each fingertip, back up to her chest and around her breasts….I felt her nipples get hard so I spent a few extra moments with them….I continued down to her stomach and around to her back, across her hips, down her inner thigh into her engorged pussy…I let a finger slip inside of her pussy before I got down her thighs, around her knees and to her feet. I pull out the drain and  helped her stand up out of the bathtub, wrapped the towel around her and pulled her close, rubbing the towel against and to keep the chill away. I pull her into the bedroom and laid her on  the bed, opened up her towel and looked at the way her boobs lay just waiting to be fondled. I spread her knees apart making her pussy open up to me. I reached down and cupped her pussy with my hand with  two fingers inside of her. I bent down and put her nipple in my mouth, sucked at it and pulled my head away. Each nipple got harder from my mouth-play. I laid down on top of her and felt her hard nipples against my broad chest, my fingers still working at her pussy i kissed her long and hard. When I could feel her body begin to move with eagerness to be ravaged by my hard cock, I got up and walked to the closet laid out a dress she had just pulled on the bed and told her not to wear any panties with it. I walked out of the room leaving her dazed in dirty thoughts……to be continued

Part2 coming up soonest..#crazinigerian

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