I was in my first year of college a brainy and exams was days away so naturally everybody became a friend so they could dub my work awon olodo smh.
      well one chick walked into the classroom making that koi koi annoying sounds higheels made, while i was reading one night,I looked up to see who was disturbing the peace and holy moses She was beautiful to a fault ,on low cut  her hair dyed blond,light skinned wit a playbunnny tattoo on her kneck,she had this mad ass that vibrated with every step,her hips where wide and she had huge boobs asin she looked like the front page of rolling stone magazine. Aswear I almost nut my pants as she walked straight to where i was seated and spoke to me I was just blushing like one fool watching her lips move wit absolute perfection and her accent was British,I could pay to watch this babe talk.
Well she asked to sit and read with me and I couldn’t object,her presence signified the end of my study as all I did was stare at her,we got talking,found out her name was Munachi and we took lectures together wondered why I hadn’t noticed or seen her in class,she was likely one of the back seaters, and back then na me get front seat.
If you fail don’t come back to this house !! I remembered my father’s warning and knew I had to bail,I couldn’t study here not with the blond distraction in front of me,awww you leaving already she said as I packed my books, giving me this puppy dog face and batting her lashes don’t go Chris please,choi see fine babe dey beg me,I need to get dinner and get home I’ll study at home I quickly said ,let me get you dinner then and we can read together at my place she replied ,packed her books and held my hands leading me out of the class before I could even object .
  Got into her car,while the a/c was doing wonders to my life she played mavin gayes sexual healing.I have to be in Lagos tomorrow and I need you to help me write tomorrows paper Monetary and financial institutions she said bluntly turning off the engine as we got to the front of a house I presumed was hers, I knew the course I had Aced it the previous semester,so this wasn’t even a chance meeting and here I was thinking my fine face had played in my favour,don’t worry I’ll pay you she added I don’t want your money I calmly replied somewhat irritated , then I know what you want she smiled opening the door..
  I followed her watching her ass roll as she climbed the stairs,please make your self comfortable she said walking into a room,came out minutes later wearing a pyjamas pants and a singlet,sat beside me,so back to where we stopped? what do you want she asked flashing her snow white teeth and resting her hand on my head rolling my hair into locks,by now I couldn’t think again my dick was wrestling with my zippers struggling to be set free.muna seemed to notice this as she reached for my zip and unleashed the anaconda,went on her knees and put my dick into her mouth sucking and making those popping sounds whenever she brought it out, licking and sucking away on my dick like I was some candy man,rolling her toungue round my dickcap i was on cloud 9,asin she deserved a Grammy or even a freaking presidental medal of honour for blowjobs.
After what seemed like an eternity of trademark textbook sucking Muna stopped and took off her singlet ,I grabbed her huge boobs pulling her up her feet and sitting her on my laps,and sucking them hungrily,licking her nipples running my tongue everywhere. Her breasts! Soft as a pillow I just had to lay my head on her left boobs while massaging her right boobs I slowly slid my hand going to her panties,she slapped my hands off.not yet she said wit a laugh don’t rush.are you gonna write my exams for me? Only write? I was prepared to even mark her papers!!
Yes I will,I said almost shouting it,she laughed out loud standing up from my laps and said am all yours baby while slowly dropping her pyjamas along with her pant….
Ladies and gentlemen i swear am not lying,the moment her panties dropped the smell of the room changed! Everywhere smelt like rotten eggs or rotten fish or deadrat,whichever smells worse,what  the fuck is that smell I asked astonished holding my nose while looking round for the dead rat,I can’t smell anything she said quickly and pulled her pant back on,suddenly the smell stopped,am sorry I acted up I sharply said standing up and walking up to her, she chucked as I slipped my hands holding her panties and pulling it down going down with it ready to dive on her pussy for dinnner,when the smell hit me again holy shit ! It was like some biological weapon and it was coming from the pussy I wanted to fuck OLORUNMAJE!!!!! My mouth was already full wit saliva as I quickly stood up and zipped my trousers I couldn’t open my mouth as I grabbed my books made for the door,i ran all the way downstairs,I could hear her call out my Name asking what was wrong Imaro inhen di wrong amodioha ga fire you…the end #crazinigerian


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