Room 113

Let me state this as quickly as possible that I am a black Nigerian male and YES!!!!! I like love that part of the female anatomy called the Buttocks ass YANSH!!!,Better Better yansh,the sumptuous ones, the ones with high yansh self esteem,fat ass,bouncy ukwu.
    It was Friday night liquid lounge was bubbling,I was sipping my henessy and feeling cool when the yansh spotted me, I spotted the yansh her twerking away to Bustarhyme’s  #TWERKIT ,asin I could hear her ass clap from across the dance floor and Ladies and gentlemen I swear am not lying, her ass wasn’t just clapping It was giving a round of applause complete with a standing ovation it had that Milo papapa papapapa Milo!! theme to it and I knew that I had to meet the yansh babe.
As a sharp guy I rushed to dance with her running and walking at the same time as virtually all the guys in the club had the same goal.
  Got to her and flashed all them haters a wicked smile as I got closer,she didn’t even send me just kept on dancing and wiggling her ass,I brought my crotch closer forming dance while closing up the gap slowly trying to catch the twerk,then we made contact
Sango oo!!! Idi yen gbe emi lo, Idi yen mi n bi China phone, Mo ti ri ikoun to ma pa mi…………..
Less than two minutes of electrical twerking I felt my boxers get wet and I knew I had nut my pants,..Bigfuckup!! yes I know but if you were in my shoes you might crap yourself. I had to go clean up in the toilet sharply but I was faced with three problems..firstly if I leave now to clean up another guy will collect this yansh this babe from me,secondly the area of the club where the toilet was located was illuminated and the grey pants I had on would make everyone notice I nut myself and finally No babe can let me fuck myself up like this and go scotfree na,my ancestors won’t hear of this Emi Ayomikun omo Adetuwo , emi ekun, emi oke, emi omo ile, emi moo ni opa irin ase.
  Dancing and gulping straight from the bottle this babe wasn’t human ,she had so much Energy I thought as I tried to match her steps she just kept smiling to me.after about an hour she looked back to her table and had a shock expression as she looked through the crowd, what’s wrong ? I asked ,I can’t find my friends she replied shouting over the music, gehn gehn !music to my ears I don see takeaway am sure they are probably outside I whispered in her ears,come lets go look for them,held out my hands she took it as i led her out the club.
Got outside the club didn’t see her friends, by now I was dancing sekem in my spirit,just then I saw two girls walking from the top of the road and knew instantly they were her friends choi IFA fire any badbelle dat spoils my parolz thinking fast I told her to let me lodge her at Hilton which was just opposite the club till she could reach her friends in the morning,babe was already getting too drunk to argue she just nooded and followed me I hadn’t even let go of her hand I felt my dick Nod in appreciation.
Room 113 LA scatter I smiled at my own peverted thought as the door was opened tipped the bell boy and led my baby inside,I didn’t even know her name she dropped her purse and phone on the table beside the door,gosh am drunk she said as she walked into the bathroom,I quickly put off her phone before one of her Abiku friends will call and spoil my parolz, in minutes she was out,why you still standing there ain’t u coming to bed she asked as she lay on the bed,and for the first time I noticed she was light skinned and pretty,I replied sure after i take a shower, walked to the bathroom coding my crotch I couldn’t let her see my nut stain,had a quick shower and came out tying just a towel by now she had put off the light, the light from the bathroom reflected in the room she had already taking off her clothes and lay on her tummy wearing just a  catapult,rope, Gstring,she had just given me an invitation card, removed my wallet brought out a condom slipped it on,got behind her pulled her panties to the side,she just parted her legs and let me slip in my dick.
  I was king of the world as I grabbed her Yansh and started fucking her greedily, you need to see me shinning my teeth I was happy ehhn,she was moaning not so loud but I could tell she loved it,after a while she pulled up to a doggy was a perfect doggy position not the type that some girls will do and raise both their waist and back,her waist down and back up,this babe was a pro,I still held on to her yansh fucking her hard, for making me nut myself she had to be fucked until walking was physically impossible. She whined her waist while meeting me half way of every thrust I increased the tempo till her moans had turned to screams then mantained the tempo,it was her turn to cum and she came vibrating like a China phone, turned her around and babe thought I was gonna do missionary style, I raised her two legs till her knees were touching her shoulder and inserted my dick I was greeted by moans of unexpected pain and pleasure yessssssssssss oh yesssss now she was really loud am sure the whole floor was awake by now I started fucking her hard her pussy juice flowed freely making my thrust have this slurp slurp sound,held her down for as long as I could but had to stop when I felt my cum building up,wanted to fuck her on the wall,so pulled her up only for her to fall back on the bed lol mission accomplished she couldn’t stand talk more of walk,wall sex was out of it,sat back on the bed and had her seat on my dick  reverse cow girl ,first it was the regular up and down movement, the grinding,shii got real when she started twerking  clapping and bouncing on my dick Gosh
The feeling was rippling I came mercilessly, as she grinded my falling dick slowly she said my name is Sharon u didn’t even ask, she chuckled and removed the condom turned around facing me she slipped slowly down,Oh gosh I held hair as she put my dick in her mouth.the end….. #craziNigerian

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