It was my first time in Abuja, I had made up my mind never to step into Northern Nigeria until my girlfriend of many years got Admitted into the University of Abuja and I decided to give her a surprise visit,as a Lagos boy I was used to the occasional gunshots at night by armed robbers and the noise from area boys, but na Bomb dem dey use play for here ,all this Boko haram people dey craze I thought to myself as I walked out of the Arrivals Brother taxi taxi!! Two cab operators yelled out to me as I quickly made a mental note of the airport scanning round for anything or anyone acting suspicious asper I love my life,I beckoned on the well shaved cabbie as against the one with a really long and bushy beard,negotiated four thousand naira to take me to Gwagalada and the long drive began.
I had been knocking on the door for a while hoping I got the right address from her aunt when I decided to try the door,it was open.i let myself in put my bag by the side and took a seat.
  I heard the sound of running water and music coming out from the door with a sexy voice singing loyal by Chris brown,it was my baby’s voice.the thought of Grace in the shower made me hard and i quickly took off my clothes and marched in to join her besides I needed a shower,Guess who baby,miss me? I announced foolishly with a wide smile ,but instead of an excited Grace I met someone else it wasnt my baby Grace,we both stood there shocked for a few seconds. I recognized her as Judy Grace’s Friend she had a crush on me from way back,she struggled to cover her pussy and boobs as i took in her figure,dark malo chick,average height,little boobs not much hips but an impressive ass.
she screamed in fear tossing everything she could lay her hands on at me from soap to the bathing bowl,the towel everything yelling get out Dave get the fuck out. I ran out amused at the scenario that had just unfolded but not surprised she remembered my name.
  She came out right behind me tying a really small towel,I wasn’t even dressed yet I was still looking around for my boxers when I turned and saw her standing there both hands on her hips,her eyes went straight to my dick which was still really hard and big without looking back up she muttered Grace went for lectures she will be back in three hours , why didn’t you call her before coming? Errmm I wanted to suprise her I said trying to hold down my standing penis,i was well built being a gym instructor six packs and all,she noticed the struggle and laughed lightly,you must be tired go have a shower she said and stood aside for me to pass,I walked as quickly as possible,just as I passed her I remembered my towel was still in my bag,please can you help me bring towel from my bag ?I asked politely,take mine she said removing hers and handing it over to me standing there all bare again. What is it? She said as she saw my eyes widen,didn’t you just see me naked hissed and walked seductively away,I was glued to the door post watching her ass shake vigorously behind her.
The water was really cold as stood under the shower I tried to clear my mind of the events that had just unfolded why didn’t Grace tell me she had a roommate,I would have been smarter about barging into the bathroom I was lost in thought i didnt hear the door close.just as I felt two really slim hands crawl up my body from behind looked back and saw Judy again,you didn’t let me finish my shower she said as she took the soap from me and standing rubbing it slowly over her body,help me soap my back she said turning around and handing over the soap, the beast in me had taken over i forgot about loyalty as I rubbed the soap allover her back slowly while she moaned to my touch, moved my hands to her breast rubbing all over her kneck, nipples carrasing her mound while going down her pussy.the effect was rippling coupled with the cold water raining down on us I stroked her pussy slowly as she held on to my dick for support stroking me lightly,she collected the soap and turned around rubbing it on my chest my arms and tummy tracing my six packs while stroking my dick,the she kissed me her,her lips were soft and her breathe minty sucking on my lower lips as I sneaked my right hand down to her pussy and started massaging the surface of her clit,she was wild wit excitement as I grabbed her ass wit my left hand spanking  and clapping her ass.
My right hand was obviously doing wonders as her breathe had hastened  she struggled to maintain balance,I held her waist tight with my left hand,pulling her to me and inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her at a steady tempo,she was moaning loudly clawing at my back as she let the soap fall and held on to me for suppport as she orgasmed,turning around she held my dick and put it into her pussy fuck me please fuck me mercilessly she pleaded as she held on to an iron bar,I grabbed her waist and planted my dick deep inside her,she held the iron bar tightly for support as she bit her lips.I started fucking her with such speed and passion her legs where shaking,I was hitting the right spot as I reached for her nipples I pinched them and held her shoulders,this kept me deeper inside her Clap clap clap calp ooohh yyesss yesss fuck me yess ranged out in the bathroom every orgasm was more violent than the previous.
I held her in this position adjusting only when I was losing balance,the pussy juice from her already soaked pussy made our movement fluid and smooth.
I felt my cum coming up and brought out my dick spilling my seed all over her ass just as she had her final orgasm and collapsed on the bathroom floor,I thought to myself *Abuja would be fun*.The end………..#crazinigerian

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