OGA’s daughter

Dapo MD dey call u!! My supervisor yelled giving me a blank look, I dropped the hammer I was carrying and slowly walked to the office section of the factory,wondering what I had done to be summoned from mount Olympus,I knew the MD only by reputation and it wasn’t a lovely one.
Dapo Bamore? Yes sir I replied,you live in yaba right?yes sir I replied wit a little confusion in my voice wondering where this conversation was headed he certainly wasn’t going to fire me.
  I walked to the bustop holding on tightly to the suitecase the MD had given me, he was traveling to Abuja and won’t make it home tonight,make sure you have it delivered to my house give it to my son Chibuzor he had warned sternly. before giving me 5k for transport,he is a nice man afterall probably just misunderstood I thought. 
   The  cab ride from Ajah to Yaba was rather smooth thanks to the A/C and constant jamz from Beat Fm unlike the noisy cramped up buses I jumped everyday ,life good o if u get money.
  Confirmed the address it was on commercial road,knocked on the gate identified myself to the gateman stating my mission and was let in,this was to the objection of the big black bulldog that started barking Angrily. una nor dey chain this Lion? I asked in fear,nor worry e nor dey kill person just waka enter house the gateman assured me.counted my steps to the front door while maintaining eye contact with the dog praying it doesn’t change its mind.rang the door bell*ding dong*
  Yes how can I help you? Said the sexiest voice I had ever heard,I examined her quickly while trying to hide it,she was about 5ft9″ tall, thick thighs, flat tummy ,a little chubby complete with killer hips,she wore a tight and really short night gown that left little of her boobs to my imaginations holding on to a bottle of half filled ciroc vodka.
I was sent to deliver this to chibzuor by Mr Abam ,she stood aside and let me in shut the door asked me to take a seat as she led the way to the living room and went upstairs to get chibuzor,after a few mins she came back down announcing that chibizor wasnt home and I could wait if I wanted to,decided to wait since I loved my job.
Wielding a big hammer at work all day everyday had made ripped,my muscles were right,tummy boxed and I made sure I let the world know by wearing only tight fitted t-shirts.I noticed her throwing glances at me while taking shots of her vodka and decided to start a conversation.her name was uloma and she was drinking because her boyfriend dumped her,the best way to get over a guy is to get over under one she said before gulping down another shot,mind if I join you ?I said politely letting off a smile, she looked at me closely for a while I could see her eyes where dim,the vodka was obviously manifesting in her, u said daddy isn’t coming home tonight? Yes I replied,she smiled, well then am bored so am gonna let u drink it off me she said standing up.
My jaws dropped as she took off her gown quickly and flung it aside she was stark naked no bra ,no pants ,nothing her breasts were firm and her pussy well shaved she sat on the arm of the couch,are you shy ? She asked,noooo I quickly said standing up and walking to her I could feel my dick struggling for freedom in my jeans.
  She took the bottle of vodka and poured little on her chest letting it roll down to her clit while giggling at the cold effect,I quickly went to my knee positoning my mouth to catch every drop of vodka.she poured some more laughing as I struggled to keep up,she finally put the bottle aside and I stood up slowly tracing my tongue from her pussy all the way up to her kneck nibbling her,she was bossy ordering me to take off my clothes she hurried to double check the door was locked,it was,by now I was naked and my dick at full strength,impressive she said as she walked over and started stroking my dick,gosh her stroke game was real,she went down on her knees and put not my whole dick just the head in her mouth,suckin and licking with such ferocity,
The vodka was getting to me,just as Uloma pulled my cock out of her mouth and Warned,look dapo I don’t want slow boring fucks ok.I want you to fuck me really hard and fast,she lay on the couch and spread her legs so far apart her pink pussy was so inviting I dug in deep she moaned excitedly I standing fucking her like my life depended on it faster faster fuck me faster fuck me harder yesssssssssss she was lost in the wave  she orgasmed grabbing my waist holding me firm in place inside her while she vibrated like a convulsing child,she let go of me turned around laying flat on her tummy her legs closed she put her hands behind her back  and ordered me hold her hands firmly behind her and insert my dick back inside her pussy I willingly did, and started fucking her increasing the tempo as her bouncing ass turned me on the more I looked at it,her moans had turned to screams I was hitting the right spot,I didn’t relent i left her hands and spanked her ass really hard before grabbing them tight and pounded her pussy this drove her mad,she let out a loud shriek,she was in between her multiple orgasm and was closer to the next cum as her ocassional vibration and squirting made me fuck her more wildly,her pussy juice had giving the sound of my dick going in and out of her pussy a clapping sound this mixed with her really loud moans and screams drove me crazy,held her waist and thrusted deep one more time before ejaculating I felt her vibration she was having another orgasm,we came together in what felt like explosions and fireworks..the end…..#crazinigerian

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