PHCN had struck again i was trying to get some sleep when the I pass my neighbour generator next door came on, the heat was disastrous I gats hammer sharp sharp poverty na disease it cant get anyworse i mumbled quietly to myself driffting off to sleep.
    BANG!!! BANG!!!! BANG!!!! BANG!! Jumping up from my bed some idiot was trying to break my door in the name of knocking..BANG!! BANG!! Ahhan who b the oloshi self
Abirun Oshi break the door oo na ur papa put am there for me na !!! I yelled angrily marched to open and change it for the fool,three hefty looking guys stood there,Yes! i yelled wetin happen? na you b leonard ?asked the biggest one, yes who you be? then it hit me.
The slap was hot!! The pain; excruciating, I saw stars,it was the type of slap that made me explain to the next guy at the door bros you dey here o na door I open wey e slap me I nor do am anything why he go slap me! You dey ask me ask am na was the reply I faced the big guy again to ask,Three more thunder slaps followed by some big blows to my head was enough to make me forget the question, Stay away from Rita was all I heard as they left.
   That Rita girl will be the death of me I thought as I examined my swollen eyes and lips.But for mama Rita’s noisy Generator the compound was rather quiet so i decided to rush to the pharmacy across the road before anyone sees me like this.locked my door turned around and came face to face with Ebere the amebo of the compound,ahhan Leonard wetin do you for face she shouted trying to examine me, abi you follow full market fight ni? Eyah who beat you like this na? Nobody!! I fall as I dey baff, I said brushing her aside,hope she bought the story sha before she creates her own that girl too talk.
Met the pharmacist engrossed in amebo a discussion with her friend, she was going on and on about how her daughter was a good girl and a virgin unlike other girls in the area who slept about, yimu I thought as I remembered the tattoo on her daughter’s waist and her ass,girl wey I don fuck tire,got drugs for the pain and rushed back home to hide untill my face returns to normal,only to hear another knock on my door, a little calmer than the first tho,chai who come beat me again I thought as I opened the door rather slowly.
Rita stood there wearing just a singlet and a mini skirt her hips were wide threatening to tear the mini skirt,this gal was petite but her yansh ass was freaking big too big for her body sef I thought. Hi am so sorry she said,oh you have come to find out if your thugs killed me abi? That was my my brother Steve she said calmly he is too violent am not sure how he even knew about us please baby forgive me I’ll make it up to you she begged,lunged forward and gave me a wet kiss,my anger had reduced but I was still pissed off.she sat on the couch and I on the adjacent couch trying to ignore her.
I  felt like an idiot as i tried ignoring her sexiness she was rubbing her nipples through her singlet making me horny I  just wanted to drag her over and let her ride me till thy kingdom come(thats if the kingdom comes on time) but she was in the mood to tease me,couldn’t hold it any longer I walked over pulled her up and raised her mini shirt to her waist line,her singlet was off in seconds as I Cupped her yansh ass ,sat on the couch pulling her gstring to the side i let her sit on my dick sinking my dick into her pussy,she gasped,held my head and started going up and down slowly increasing the tempo as she went,she moaned as I slapped her ass and squeezed it,and started grinding really fast riding me to another realm,we fucked in this position for  a while she loved it she said after one of her multiple orgasms vibrating violently only to continue.
I Made her lie down on the floor aimed for her Gspot and hit it with prefect precision she screamed with a mixture of pleasure and unexpected pain came all the way out letting just the head of my dick in her pussy I nailed her again,she was running mad, i kept nailing her till she put her legs round my waist n pulled me deeper moaning as I fucked her senseless,she thrashed about mindlessly moaning like a porn star her orgasm came in multiples,I pulled out watching her curl in full satisfaction…I wasn’t even done with her yet,she looked at me and smiled seductively stoodup and walked to the door ass bouncing behind her she put her hands on the door spread her legs apart pushed her ass out and look at me to urging me to come in,inserted in my dick in a already swollen pussy and saw the passion burning in her eyes,held her head with my left hands making sure she faced me while grabbing her waist with my right, I thrusted  deep fucking her while maintaing eye contact she could barely leave her eyes open ,she had enough,pushing me back turned around,went on her knees held my dick stroked it slowly before finally putting in her mouth sucking me with such passion could barely breathe and could feel my cum building stiffed my legs as my dick muscles strainned ready to cum,when I heard a faint voice talking right outside the door I was leaning on *she dey inside*I recognized it as Ebere’s I wonder what she’s doing there,who dey inside who was she gossping with …
BANG!!! BANG!!!!!!! Open this door before I break it Rita I knw you are in there !!……. Shit her brother was back…The end…….#crazinigerian

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