Angry Nina(Damecacus)

Nina was seething…
She did not want to be seated here in Kelly’s house, listening to advice and pleas. If she had known this was why Kelly had invited her over, she wouldn’t have come. She did not like discussing her relationship issues with friends and hearing Kelly speak so openly about her problem with Damola, was truly annoying.
“Look Kelly… not that I don’t appreciate what you’re trying to do… but please… don’t take this the wrong way… Dammy and I will sort out our problems ourselves.”
“Nina, how will you sort it out when you won’t take his calls, respond to his pings or reply his text messages?” Kelly asked with an impatient frown.
“Dammy and I have a way we communicate… don’t worry.”
Kelly’s disapproval was evident in her scowl.
“Nina, you’re being unnecessarily harsh about this situation! So you caught Damola and Oby having dinner… so what? He explained everything to you and said he was sorry. Oby is the one you should be mad at not Damola” Kelly retorted.
Nina had heard enough. She got up abruptly and pinned Kelly with a tight, forced smile.
“You’re right Kelly. I will make up with Damola. Infact, I’m going to his place right now to settle things with him. Thank you so much for being concerned about us.”
Kelly gave her a suspicious look as if trying to gauge the sincerity behind her words. Nina’s tight smile broadened automatically. Kelly wasn’t fully convinced with the smile but she shrugged her acceptance.
“Better! If you leave things too long, that desperate whore might go after him again and who knows, this time, he might fall.”
Nina’s forced smile tightened even more and threatened to leave cracks on her face. She hugged Kelly, thanked her again for being concerned about her relationship and left. Her drive to Damola’s house was a near-death experience for innocent pedestrians, other motorists and an unfortunate ‘Yellow-Fever’ traffic warden. Nina drove like the devil was chasing her… cussing out vilely and threatening to break-up with Damola.
She arrived at his home, parked haphazardly in front of his flat and stormed towards his door, banging on it with a fury reserved for maximum-security prisoners. The door was yanked open by a frowning Damola but his expression cleared almost immediately on seeing her. Nina stalked into the house without a word of greeting and Damola knew this was NOT the make-up visit he had longed for.
“What is wrong with you Dammy? Why are you telling all my friends about our problems?” she asked him angrily as soon as the door slammed shut.
“I was desperate. Your sister keeps shutting me out whenever I come to look for you… you refused to communicate and I was getting frustrated.”
“Really? You should have thought of that before sending Oby explicitly sexual messages or going on a clandestine date with her…”
“She started it! I didn’t want to look like a weakling so I responded to her chats. I told you before that she’s been on my case FOREVER but you kept brushing it aside.” Damola told her in an exasperated tone.
“So? Is that’s why you sent her a message detailing how you’re gonna fuck her till she can’t walk?”
Damola sighed and ran his hand across his hair. He needed a haircut and shave. He knew he looked scruffy but his appearance was the last thing on his mind. He wanted to make up with Nina… he didn’t want to lose her. He had known going on that date with Oby was a bad idea but he couldn’t have wrangled out of it. Oby was a very determined girl. She wanted to fuck him and made no bones about it despite knowing that he was dating her friend. Damola had only attempted to do what any smart guy in his position would have done; eat his cake and have it… but it had gone horribly wrong. Somehow, Nina had found out and showed up at the restaurant just as Oby leaned to kiss him on the lips. He was lucky that Nina had acted classy. She had, listed out her suspicions, (which had been eerily accurate) and ignored Oby instead of starting a cat fight. But the cold silence had morphed into 3 weeks of malice. She refused to forgive or speak to him since the incident happened. He knew how protective she was about their relationship but as the days crept by, her silence began to scare him.
Nina was beautiful by all standards. She was petite, curvy, and undeniably sexy. Her face was as beautiful and flawless as her skin. She was brilliant, hardworking, a great cook and a fiery little minx in bed. Their chemistry was still hot and burning even after three years together. She loved him fiercely and he loved her with equal fervour. He had only every cheated on her with a colleague he assumed was sexually explosive. Sex with said colleague had turned out to be a huge anti-climax.
“…You know what Dammy? I think we need a break. Three years together is beginning to take its toll on you. We should take a break and see other people…”
Damola’s eye glazed over in instant fury.
“What???? Are you out of your mind?” He croaked out angrily
“I’m only thinking about you. You obviously want to explore the land of varied pussies… far be it from me to stop you in your quest! But don’t think I’d sit idly and wait till your exploration is over though.”
Damola’s anger tripled. The thought of any other man touching his Nina… making love to her… watching her face glaze over in sexual frenzy made him want to strangle somebody. He’d made a mistake and had apologized severally for it. But if Nina was not going to forgive him, then fine. But he wasn’t going to lose her over this!
“I knew you’ve been looking for an excuse to stray anyway and I have presented you with the perfect platter. So go ahead Nina… go ahead and fuck those big boys with flashy cars that have been hovering around you. I should even fuck the Oby so you can have a genuine reason to leave!”
Nina’s eyes flashed madness. His ever composed girlfriend transformed into a raging banshee and lunged at him angrily. Damola was 6foot plus but his tiny looking pixie-like girlfriend managed to shove him hard enough to make him stagger back madly. He grabbed her with one hand and tried to wade off her blows with the other. Her body was vibrating with rage as she screamed out abuse and struggled to be let free from his grip. Damola held her close, whispering apologies into her ears, telling her how much he loved her and didn’t want to lose her. Still she struggled… her voice breaking as she tried to fight back tears.
“Let me go you bastard! You’re hurting me” she spat out.
Damola let her go instantly. She hurried put some distance between them and turned vicious eyes at him, breathing hard. The top 3 buttons of her blouse had come undone and her full breasts in their half-cup bra were visible. Damola looked at the flawless mounds and couldn’t understand why he was getting aroused. He was mad at her for even suggesting a break-up. Strangely, the anger in his heart did not translate to his head. His dick began to nod lazily as he became increasingly turned on by her angry glare. Nina, not realizing that her breasts were in view, stalked towards him and poked at his chest angrily.
“Don’t you EVER insinuate that I want to leave because of ANYBODY Dammy…”
He covered her lips with his, in an unexpected kiss. She struggled to break free but he reached for one of her breasts, kneading it softly just the way she liked it. Her struggle mellowed… a gesture he took for acquiesce. He squeezed at the breast, releasing it from its entrapment. She had big nipples…. just the way he liked. He tweaked the nipple and felt her ease and respond to his kiss. Encouraged, he also eased on the force of his kiss and was rewarded with a fierce bite on his lower lip. He drew back, hurt and puzzled. Nina smiled a cruel and triumphant smile.
Damola did the next thing that came to his head. He lifted her off her feet and carried her, kicking and screaming into his bedroom. She fought and struggled but he ignored her; placed her on the bed and pinned both her hands above her head. She bucked her hips, flaying her legs about wildly but he managed to restrain her by holding her legs in place with his.
They were both panting with the force of their individual struggle staring each other angrily. Then he dipped his head down to her chest… ignoring her protest… and captured her exposed nipple with his mouth. An involuntary gasp escaped her. He sucked at the nipple… inflicting pain, not pleasure and felt her arc her back and wince softly. Not releasing the nipple from its violent kiss, he straddled her and freed the second breast from its encasement, shifting his mouth to the new bud and sucking on it fiercely. a moan rang out and he felt her twists and turns subsiding under him. Damola sucked on her nipples continuously, interchanging and easing his infliction of pain to her now tightened buds. Nina’s moans got louder. Lifting his head, he stared into her eyes… it was dark with need but she still looked angry.
“I’m sorry baby…. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” He pleaded.
“Fuck you!” was her response but she bucked her hips beneath him. Damola smiled.
“You want me to fuck you? ehn?? You want me to fuck you baby…??? Damn, I’m gonna do just that Nina. I’m gonna fuck you and fill you up… you’re gonna get pregnant Nina… I swear to God, you will get pregnant.”
With one hand still holding her hands down, he yanked off his belt with the other and tied the hands tight. Her eyes widened in surprise.
“You’re tying me up?” she asked.
“Yes baby. I’m gonna tie your hands so you’d stop hitting me and I’m gonna undress you and fuck you. 3 weeks is a long time baby and my balls are heavy.”
Nina started to laugh, her mirth coming as a surprise to him. He got off and stared at her for a bit, watching her laugh. Then he smiled and dropped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any boxers and his dick was hard. Nina’s laughter subsided as she watched his turgid appendage bob like a dancing cobra. Nina loved his dick. She had told him that a million times. And she loved it more when it was hard and throbbing. He drew near her, watching her gaze at his dick longingly. He straddled her again and unsurprisingly, she didn’t fight him off. He unbuttoned her shirt and spread it open, watching her heaving breast in fascination. Then he reached for her hips, grabbed at the hem of her jeggings and yanked it down. Nina lifted her hips slightly to make it easier for the jeggings to slide down her butt. He removed the jeggings  and throw it aside with a careless toss. She was wearing blue thongs.
With one finger, he eased the crotch of the thong to one side and looked at her pussy with darkened eyes. Grabbing his dick with one hand, he lazily caressed her clit with the other and watched her as he stroked himself and her simultaneously. Nina’s breathing became laboured. He stroked the length of his dick slowly and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her hips began to move, twisting and turning, trying to form a rhythm. He felt his pre-cum and part her legs, spreading them as wide as he could. Positioning himself above her, he guided his dick towards her pussy. His slippery dick-head jammed with her clit, making Nina gasp. Still holding his dick, he began caressing her clit with his dick-head, moving it in circular motion… his pre-cum and her juice making the motion easier. Nina moaned and looked at his face.
“You were going to fuck her that night weren’t you?” she asked, hurt evident in her voice.
“No I wasn’t going to…” he lied and hesitated in his dick-clit caress.
“But you enjoyed her kiss…. I know you did.”
Damola didn’t respond. He pushed the thong further away from her labia and slid his dick into her and sank his full length in. Nina gasp hung in the air between them; her eyes widening at the impact. He began to move inside her, his pace fast. He wanted her so much and he knew he would cum quickly so he fucked her fast and deep and wasn’t surprised when she began to buck under him; moving her waist to his rhythm, lifting to receive his thrusts with and energy that made mockery of her small stature. Her wetness and the constant caress of her thong on his dick as he thrust into her made him almost cum. He yanked his dick out of her quickly, breathing hard. She stared at him through narrowed eyes, licking her suddenly dry lips and also breathing hard. Damola grabbed her thong and pulled it down and off her. Then he got up and left the room… leaving her alone and puzzled.
He returned shortly with a glass of water, with ice-cubes floating on it.
“Untie me baby…” She pleaded. But he shook his head.
He drank the water and almost emptied the glass before taking a cube of ice in his mouth and walking towards her. He sat lazily beside her and leaned to suck her nipple. His cold lips brought instant goose-pimples to her skin and tightened her buds. She gasped and moaned aloud while he sucked. He reached for the glass and took another Ice-cube. This time, he trailed it all over her breast, leaning to suck away the water that the cube left in its trail. Then the cube made its way down her belly-button to the top of her feminine mound, his lips lapping and kissing as it followed the path created by the ice-cube. Nina began to shake, her need evident with the lift of her hips.
Another ice-cube replaced its melted predecessors and this time it found its way down her pussy. Nina clenched as ice met clit. The heat from her pussy seemed to make the ice melt faster and Damola’s lips were on hand to drink it all up. his tongue licked ice, clit and labia, tasting her wetness and savouring its taste hungrily. Nina’s moans were coming in steady musical streams awhile she struggled to release her hands so she could hold his head. The frustration of her bound hands and the pleasure he was giving her pussy was too much for her to bear.
“Oh hell… fuck me already!” She screamed out impatiently.
Damola lifted his head and kissed her, feeding her with what was left of the ice-cube till it melted in their kiss. Staring into her eyes, he said;
“I did not enjoy Oby’s kiss. It was rushed, forced and quite amateur to be honest.” This time, he told the truth.
“Just fuck me baby…” She said.
He kissed her as he guided his dick into her. The kiss remained as he thrust into her slowly… going deep and making her moan. His tempo increased slightly when she began to move under him, urging him to pound her. He stopped and lay on his back, lifting her like a little doll atop him.  She straddled and sank on him swiftly, making him groan as she took his dick to the hilt. Positioning her tied hands on his chest, she began to fuck him; bouncing her ass… going up and down his dick and making him grunt. He slapped her butt, held her waist to aid her movement and threw back his head when she stopped bouncing and started grinding on him slowly. He reached down and touched her clit as she moved… tugging at the slippery knob and tickling it with his index finger. That seemed to excite her because she leaned forward slightly, her face on his chest, her teeth grazing his flat nipple. She began to move her waist up and down again with such energy and zest that he knew he was going to shoot.
“Fuck, yeah! Fuck me baby… fuck me and make me cum…”
His voice triggered something inside her because her ass bounced crazily, up and down, up and down, up and down his dick. She began to whimper and moan all at once; a sign that she was near the edge of release. Damola grabbed her butt-cheeks with both hands and began thrusting into her furiously from under. Her scream of release mingled with his as they climaxed together; her movement slowing to an epileptic twist while he continued to ram into her, not breaking his pace till every last drop of cum had been deposited deep inside her pussy.
She fell on his chest and lay there lifelessly, trying to catch her breath. The voodoo-like drumbeat of his heart seemed loud as he slowly eased into the aftermath of their shred orgasm. His hands closed over her possessively and a soft sigh escaped her as she snuggled more comfortably on top of him. He ran his fingers lovingly up and down her spine and cleared his throat.
“Nina… I am really, really sorry. Please forgive me. I swear, it won’t happen again.”
She remained silent, her breathing soft and calm. Damola’s caressing fingers stopped in worry.
“Please baby…  I don’t want us to take a break. You and I know that if we do, I would lose you. Please…” he voice seemed to catch with an emotion akin to panic.
“Dammy you make me laugh. You think I was serious about the break? You think I would walk away after 3 years so that Jezebel called Oby will come and take pride of place? Lai-Lai!”
Damola let out a sigh of relief and bent to kiss her head.
“I love you Nina…. I love you yesterday, today tomorrow and for infinity.” He tried to pull her up so he could kiss her lips but she refused.
“I don’t want your dick out just yet. If I attempt to kiss you, you would slide out and I don’t want that.”
Then she began to plant tiny kisses all over his chest, making smacking sounds as she did so. His dick stirred to life lazily and to aid its growth, she clenched her pussy muscles, tightening him inside her vulva and making him throb and harden.
“I love you too baby… can we now fuck and make-up?” She asked with a smile.
His thrust gave her an answer….#Damecacus

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