I don’t talk to strangers

Oluchi: Vexing that my stupid boyfriend Dami stood me up with some flimsy excuses after making me come all the way down to fela shrine from Festac by 10PM ,through out the cab ride all I could think of was Kush and Sex and now I wasn’t getting any.
it was almost 1am I had been standing for 20mins and I couldn’t get a cab ..(wondering why bad things happen to good people) when an suv parked and this really tall handsome guy walked up to me saying Hello,Hi I replied hoping he didn’t think I was a night worker am Alex he said ,i told him sorry I don’t talk to strangers politely

Alex. I needed kush so badly I decided to drive down to fela shrine on  Agindinbi by 12:30am for a quality joint,I spotted her.she was drop dead georgous in a peer of jeans and high heels obviously waiting for someone maybe a cab,maybe a friend or if am lucky maybe me,i sharply parked close to her walked up and introduced my self she put me off rudely.
I don’t mean to prey but you don’t look very happy anything the matter?.
Gobe !! She no gree reply me again
So I stood there beside her not saying a word had my arms folded and kept a smile on my face.

Oluchi..This guy wasn’t even saying anything just standing and smiling beside me noticed he was all muscles and no fat like at all unlike my Dammy who was skinny he also had big feets I remembered the rumors that guys with big feets had bigpenis and a smile crept up my face only to hear why are you smilling? I looked at him and said nothing and he was like you look like the kinda lady that prolly wants me to get the fuck outta your face but am military and I can’t let you stand out here alone its not safe.. all this he said with a straight face,I felt relaxed and kinda safe well we got talking and in minutes we were inside Shrine kushing and having a drink.
Alex..She was on her 2nd joint when she started talking about her jerk of a boyfriend I wasn’t even listening was just looking at her breast they were an attractive pair,she stunned me when she blurted out are you checking out my boobs I replied calmly yes, asked if I liked them, told her I loved them she smilled and said come and have them stood up and started walking outside I quickly stood up n walked quickly after her
Oluchi..I walked straight to his car while he opened his door and let me in hmm a gentleman cool…my place or yours I asked he replied none so ordinarily I thought we were headed to a hotel until he pulled into the next street he saw it was dark there
Alex..thank God I came out with jeep tonight I thought as I pulled into some unknown street my penis was throbbing  hard and I wanted to fuck this babe to oblivion,came down opened her door n led her to the backseat no kissing no nothing just fuck she took off her top and revealed the boobs that had teased me all night pulled off her jeans No panties on all dz Lagos gals nawa o
She was so neatly shaved i just had to put in a finger then two into her pussy she was soaked, she moaned lightly enjoying my touch I started finger fucking her slowly she was really tight

Oluchi..Am looking for big penis this idiot is using fingers to fuck me I thought angrily as I pushed him back to  the chair and  unzipped his trousers removed it quickly with his boxers revealing his dick it was about 9″long very fat with plenty veins hmmm I likely I quickly sat on his laps and slowly put his long dick inside my pussy
Alex..back and forth back and forth she rocked with so much speed like she was dancing makossa whining her fast and screaming all at the same time she was clawing into my back while riding me like the rodeo this babe was blowing my fucking mind
Turned her around with her back facing me I grabbed her waist tight and pounded her fucking her wiidly she wasn’t moaning anymore she was screaming and shouting the whole car was bouncing am cumin am gonna cumm yess was followed by her wild orgasm filled her up wit my cum and continued fucking her till my dick got limp

Oluchi..we collapsed on the chair catching our breath, I couldnt feel my legs. I live on Allen was the next statement he made let’s go there…..#crazinigerian

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