Free Fuck

Couldn’t hold back my laugther as I looked out the window and saw John make out with his girlfriend Debby in the middle of the compound,i was tempted to tell him to stop but couldn’t,not because am a bad guy or jealous but he was kissing the lips and mouth that was gagging on my dick less than a Minute ago.poor nigga make I nor go buy wahala besides he called her and interrupted us didn’t even have the courtesy to let me cum*sum people have no sense of timing* I  thought out loud…
It was almost 6pm on a Sunday evening had no plans and was bored outta my fucking mind,i was still hard from the crazy head i was getting before john interupted *oloshi boy*i cursed him under my breath (ontop hin own girlfriend i dey curse am smh) remembered there was beer in the fridge was going to get it when the phone rang.
Hello!?Hi its me Halima,Bunny’s friend  sorry I didn’t call earlier have been rather busy her fast but low toned rather dry voice wit a slight Hausa accent said where are you?, told her I was home and she could come over when free, dropped the call ,texted the address and went for my beer,it was cold,good
In about 20mins called she was outside peeped out the window saw her sitting on the hood of a red Toyota Camry wearing a jalamia,opened the door to let her in and the strong smell of kush hit me her eyes were low she was high AF hello Chris she said walking rather slowly inside I shut the door behind her and asked if I could offer anything a glass of water maybe or anything.
Ur penis that’s what I want you to offer me,u b winsh?if na play stop am o!! Was the next words that almost escaped my mouth when she stoodup and pulled her jalamia letting it drop down to her feets,see Chris have been smoking since morning kush makes me horny and my boyfriend is not around so are you gonna stand there and look or u gonna fuck me she said,walking closer, closing the gap between us she reached for my shorts and pulled it down revealing my 10″ dick smiled and said Bunny was right its really big (*all this oloshi girls go dey gossip person*) thanx I stammered I was still really shocked it was all happening so fast this was too much na
I was dragged back to reality as she put my dick in her warm mouth and started sucking, she pulled it out spat on my dick stroked for a while then back Into her mouth licking and sucking like there was sugar on it,3mins later am hard as a rock she pushed me to the couch sat on my dick and started whinning her waist with so much passion moaning she put a finger her mouth while I grabbed her breast with my left hand put my right hands on her waist and urged her to go faster she was moaning really loud now I lifted her put her back on the couch while bending her legs her knees touching her chest I inserted my dick she screamed abnormally loud I standing pounding her yessssssssssss yesssssss was all she kept yelling, screaming, moaning and shouting for the period I held her in that position she squirted all over my shirt…I took off my shirt and made her  go on her knees put her pillow on d floor rested her chest on it crossed her arms behind her back put my dick and started fucking her like a porn star…this was too much for her she was begging me to stop…..

Chris…I had just Driven into shoprite when I realized I left my small Nokia phone at home ,contemplated calling Princewill to help bring it when I changed my mind that guy sabi dull person and decided  to go get it ,I had some important calls to home after an hour of useless traffic and saw Bunny’s red toyota Camry parked outtside,she prolly just came to visit me I thought as I knocked on the door shouting princewill come open door abeg I forgot my phone………..

Princewill…I came filling her with my sperm I was probably the luckiest guy alive at the moment I thought…a knock on the door*accompanied by a loud voice Princewill  come open door abeg I forgot my phone
!!ohh shhii I thought Chris was home….halima looked at me rather startled asking who is that who is Princewill ?(girls and there plenty questions self)
Ermmmm that would be Chris am Princewill nice to meet you I replied watching the anger build up in her eyes as I reached for my clothes ready to run
…the end ….#crazinigerian

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