Daddy’s Little girls

Jennifer was her name,Uzo’s supposedly cousin or so I thought! .
Uzo my  favourite nigga invited me ova  to smoke some blunt,while we were at it,she drove in…my jaws dropped when she stepped outta d car,u shudda see d shape on dis babe gigantic onion ass yansh,light skinned Igbo girl with boobs that reminded me of a basketball,my jaws hadn’t recovered when Uzo did d introductions and we got talking she had the sexiest accent ever and I wondered what her moans would sound like..
This babe can smoke!!!she had me intrigued,with her big eyeballs screaming FUCK ME to her chiseled chin,clean pink luscious lips whew!!! That’s the height of sexiness… I know I’m a hot babe too but I had to give it to Jennifer,i attracted to her!…
Well,we left uzo’s place together,she offered to drop me at home,got to d front of my gate,she parked n stared long and hard at me,then said’i totally wanna lick you all up right now’ Imagine my reaction..WHAT!!!so she’s been feeling me all along self !she pulled me closer,brought out her tongue and ‘sllluurrpp’ licked my lips,crazy shii,she kissed me softly on d lips and said goodnight!
Dat night,I was too excited, sleep was the last thing on my mind ,thoughts of ways and positions I could fuck her kept invading my head, I was so wet,put on my stereo had jesse jagz sex and scotch on replay,went to go to d bathroom to run d tap on my already swollen clit and finger fucked my self to the rhythm
Day2..she called me dat morning,asked to hang out, picked me up and we went for a drink,we stopped over at Uzo’s place got in and d nigga was getting dressed to go out not far tho,jenny offered to chill for him..he had been gone 10mins, TV was boring,and the sexual tension in d room was killing. we decided to play pool,got to it buh couldnt pretend no more.Jennifer walked up to me pushed me backwards till I was leaning against d table,then she pushed me gently onto the table,and thinking oh lala as she took my index finger in her mouth and sucked on it like it was a really sweet dick,she kept swirling n sucking and nibbling on my finger,I couldnt handle it,never knew that shii could have such an effect on me,she moved to my ear n started saying sweet nothings blowing hot air in my ear,I screamed! the feeling was mad,her left hand was on my nipple twirling around it with her fingers while d right hand was busy working its way into my pant,she took off my top n unhooked my bra,this girl is jst wild.
She was the boss and I didnt mind,she had stripped me of everything I had on except for my shoes,when she started kissing belly button,shii dat felt good,down down to my inner thighs,my temperature was so high I was shaking already,down down she kept going to my feet and den my toes!yh my toes!oh lawwdd best feeling ever, she found her way back up to my pussy which already felt like a stream i was dripping,boy did she work wonders kissing tonguing and eat me,I literally felt her writing d whole 26 alphabet on my clit with her tongue I came violently clawing her back as I did.
Got off the table pushed her to the floor went down straight to her saying my turn,she smiled and rubbed my mound with her feet,I got down to business on her on all fours, eating up her pussy ferrociously wen I felt something thick,big and warm go between my thighs into my pussy,turned back in shock and saw uzor adjusting his waist to start fucking me ……………..#crazinigerian

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