We had spent the previous night sexting till 3am I was horny AF and the 10mins drive from Allen avenue to magodo phase2 to handle Naomi properly was rather long thanks to rush hour traffic it was a Monday morning *PING!! Pictured received * this gal won’t kill me,Naomi had that mad carribean ass dt looked surgically improved and she  blew up my texts wit her nudes her nipples were hard I thought while zooming in,shouts of
Oloshi bastard waka move o jare learner oshi and horns blaring brought me back to reality traffic light was green. stuck out my middle finger and sped connecting the express from Alausa made the uturn and drove into magodo
I still remembered her house how can I forget.. Memories were made here
Naomi opened the door she wore a short black gown looking like a pornstar princess, the tattoo on her lap was visible could see her nipples she had no Bra on, as she Pulled me in she whispered what took you so long…(she was as horny as I was).replied wit a long hard kiss and said traffic
She was walking rather slowly and seductively to the kitchen while I followed like a zombie drolling at her bouncy Booty.
she brought out a bowl of already melted but cold vanilla ice cream and gave it to me looking into my eyes she sat on the table spread her legs apart and signaled me using two fingers to come closer,i slowly took off her dress revealing her hard nipples,flat tummy ,pierced navel, and hips to die for OH LAWD .took the bowl of ice cream poured it slowly on her kneck letting it roll down her body down south to her pussy, poured some more on her nipples and noticed her shiver at the cold impact,kissed her and strarted licking slowly every drop of icecream from her chest rolling my tongue round her left nipples Naomi let out a soft moan pushing my head  further down (SMH this babe too dey rush)still licking slowly I tongued her right nipple she couldn’t hold in her moans any longer twirling at my kisses while whining her waist, still going down south licking every drop of icecream got to her pussy but by now she couldn’t hold on any longer shoving my head down she commanded EAT ME! Shouting hungrily I dove in licking tonguing kissing sucking, blowing, nibbling ,making her scream while sucking on her clit I could feel her thighs tighten she came violenty,tried pushing me away but nahh didn’t stop i kept feeding on her lustfully till seconds later she let out another violent orgasm

I stood looking at her she was obviously too weak to move or so I thought till she opened her eyes and said your turn (Gehn Gehn I love sexual vengeance)Naomi pulled off my jeans wit my boxers at the same time letting loose my fat cock which was already throbbing….Fuck!! I yelled out as she dipped my dick inside the bowl of ice cream she wasn’t joking anymore the cold feel on my dick turned  warm as she put my dick in her mouth,kissing licking and sucking all at once this chick obviously had a lot of OK POP sweet as a child she was a fucking pro didn’t let her suck too long I wanted to fuck
Snatched mydick outta her mouth,saw the disappointment in her eyes smiled n pulled her up to the nearest wall putting her hands on the wall I spread her legs apart she pushed her massive ass up to me I held em firmly inserted my dick in her pussy and started fucking her like a Gladiator,her moans and screams of fuck me faster ,harder am all yours fuck me baby please fuck me were angelic to my ears, her legs where shaking as she had her third orgasm turned her around lifted her and marched to the living room dropped her on the couch raised her two legs revealing her pussy, inserted my dick I fucked her slowly then fast with steady rhythm I withdrew to cum only for her to grab my dick turned around put it her mouth and let me cum filling her mouth..she looked me in the eyes swallowed every drop of my cum with her hands still on my dick she said “I love Vitamin S” let’s go Again……. #CraziNigerian


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