One lucky Night

My friend likes you! Bunny screamed while going through her gallery frantically searching trying to show me the mystery friend’s pictures, now am vexing am trying to fuck Bunny and she’s telling me about her friend that likes me! Rubbish somebody ..see her picture Bunny said,I had my thoughts cut short by the tall light skinned Fulani girl I was looking at Gadam she didn’t have Bunny’s mad ass but her Sex appeal was loud ..back to reality ermm she’s fine o I said without trying to hide my evil smile what’s her name name? Halima was d reply Bunny had already given her my number and the anticipation for Halima’s call was on.
Its 11pm I had cancelled all my parolz for the night expecting Fulani’s call while chilling with my annoying neighbours and our bottle of Alomo already gave up on Fulani after about 2hours I wasn’t getting any action tonight I snatched Ridwans android this guy always had plenty chicks on his BBM n I was desperate but didn’t want to put on my data connection ground no level n MB was low,raped his BBM changed display name and picture then I saw her 1 of my abandoned P she just woke up and was bored her friend left her home and went out she said
and was gonna sip on a bottle of baileys till she drifted off asked jokingly(with small hope) if I could join her she replied sure and dropped her address and number quickly ended the chat got dressed got my car keys I was practically running to the car with shouts of GUY WHERE YOU THEY GO BY THIS TIME ,I wan buy coke I dey come they obviously didn’t believe me because of the chants of Ashawo that followed my reply but who cares anyway

In about 5mins I was at Ikeja Gra in front of mzWhites house didn’t care about her real name,she was obviously shocked I had come it was almost 2am introduced myself and we got down to the baileys, chocolate is my favourite flavour she said I just said ok walked up to her pulled her up and kissed her.
*rips*this girl is obviously horny I thought as she tore my shirt fuck I loved this shirt well she got this petite statue and am a giant so lifted her up while stripping her of her nighty no bra on her nipples were pink and pecky no pants either she was wet and dripping on my jeans had my mouth on her right breast my left hand grabbing her ass and slidding into her pussy while my right hands handled her left breast blowing her moans were like music to my ears,dropped her on her bed removed my jeans went down on her n ate her like I was breaking my fast licking sucking n fingering she put her thighs round my kneck n I could feel them thigten,she came with an explosion I stood up lookin at her admiring my work she had her eyes closed takin in the moment, taking off my boxers reached for my wallet got out my Durex condoms and put it on just then she opened her eyes and gasped at the size then smiled turned around putting my dick in her warm pussy when she whispered don’t even be easy on me fuck me hard and fast am all yours I pounded her thrusting really fast and hard she had angelic moans at first then it turned to screams of yesss yess am cuming she orgasmed still quivering I turned her flat on her back raised her two legs up and put my dick back in fucking her like a god wit some supernatural strength!

Its oook nooo yeess stopp dnt stop plzzzz yesss fuck me fuck me am cumin again shet am cuming again were d words that followed still had my dick inside her I lifted her her legs on my arms fucking her to next Sunday she orgasmed again vibrating so hard I had to drop her please let me breathe small she begged while I gave her a minute break we lay on her belly ass out legs apart while trying to catch her breath.seeing her in this position blew my mind sneaked in behind her and put my dick back inside cupped her ass and started fucking her again slowly then fast I could feel my cum building up so I made it count
and came catching my breathe could feel her hands putting my slumped dick in her mouth and suckin it like some candy I was getting excited 1cemore, just then we heard keys go into the lock the door was flunged open and an angry yet tipsy voice said temi Some idiot blocked the gate I had to park outside…. oh her name is temi and am the idiot I tot while watching her roomie look at us in disbelief,her next words were music to my ears while dropping her bag n shutting the door …lets ve a Threesome…….to be continued #crazinigerian


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