The clinic 18+

I have been going for my monthly screening’s at my clinic for as long as I can remember and it always follows the same routine but today turned out to be a lot different than my previous visits! I walked in and today was unusually quiet … Anyway I walked over to the reception to […]


Why did you cut your hair? What am I going to run my hands through? I didn’t let my hair grow out for you. You’ll be fine. Get here first. *** What are you doing? Shhh… Stay. It’s 9.21pm and by now, it’s easy to tell that I do not have good intentions towards your body. This […]

UNTRUTH part 3

I stalled. I was in my room for about an hour more , he’s just a driver. There’s nothing he can do right? Or so I thought. I heard a knock , Segun went to open. A huge man stepped right in ( I think being huge is a criterion for Miss William’s recruitment) . […]


I hated myself and I hated life. I didn’t know how to escape the situation. I wished I could disappear. My greed got me here. The guard stepped into the room , handed me a tablet and bottle water. I’m guessing its viagra . I refused it . Then he pulled the gun and pointed […]

UNTRUTH part 1

It sounded funny. Going to a 2 storey building at a corner in Oshodi to have sex with an 82 year old woman holed up in the most confusing apartment I will ever see in my life. . But Maurice told me this was the woman responsible for the two Mercedes Benz he bought in […]


I’m the merry you missed The passion you craved for The dance you should have enjoyed But you rather compete with other dancers I’m the mismanaged Heart of an extremist I’m the smell of the first rain after the harmattan But you focused on the mud The feel of raindrops But you focused on the […]

Lesson 18+

School was over for the day and I swung by to talk to my favorite teacher. I saw her holed away in her room through the glass of the door, diligently working on grading the student’s assignments. I opened the door and strolled in. She barely moved her eyes in my direction and kept her […]