I’m the merry you missed The passion you craved for The dance you should have enjoyed But you rather compete with other dancers I’m the mismanaged Heart of an extremist I’m the smell of the first rain after the harmattan But you focused on the mud The feel of raindrops But you focused on the […]

Lesson 18+

School was over for the day and I swung by to talk to my favorite teacher. I saw her holed away in her room through the glass of the door, diligently working on grading the student’s assignments. I opened the door and strolled in. She barely moved her eyes in my direction and kept her […]


He had done well for himself. He had abstained for 2 weeks… 2 grueling weeks. He had to admit that though he felt a tiny bit of pride that he was keeping to his resolution, he was on the verge of imploding… Sexually and physically. Dan needed to fuck. He knew his limits and knew […]


They couldn’t wait to be together…. The endless phone calls, the countless chats, the need they had built up, the bond they shared. At the mere mention of his name, she got wet… Really wet. Her nipples peaked and her insides tightened with need. She wanted to see him… Needed to see him… Wanted to […]

Flames final

Lunch zoomed by smoothly. Everyone at Ibeshe were having the time of their lives, which wasn’t surprising – seeing as the host had spared no expense. And as is normal with the average Nigerian, the fun came at no cost to the revelers. Ben kept a safe and polite distance from Sophie but ensured that […]

Flames part 3

The kiss was intrusive, sloppy and accompanied by heavy breathing; all three ingredients guaranteed to turn any sane woman off. But Sophie didn’t think she was sane. Somehow, the heavy breathing blocked out the humdrum of beachside partying and the sloppiness was something she could overlook. She made one last feeble attempt to push him […]

Flames part2

Sophie endured his embrace, struggling to understand what he was playing at or why. When it seemed like he wouldn’t let go, she gently pushed, hoping he would loosen his grip on her so it wouldn’t get ugly. She didn’t need the drama. “Ben… You’re smothering me…” Sophie said calmly. He still didn’t let go. […]