The intern 

As anyone who has tried it can tell you, it could be hard to get ahead in business. In order to get experience you have to have experience. With the deck apparently stacked against her, Noelle was getting close to giving up. After working as a stripper for 4 years to pay her way through […]

Grades 18+

Alexis was not sure how this had happened. A D? She had never had a D before in her entire life! Not only was she sure that her parents would murder her if she showed them her grade, but she was worried that this might affect her application to the university . Having just turned […]

No labels 18+

It had been a month plus since they started the snob contest,not talking but steady stalking eachother the first name on his story was hers and the first name on her story was his..her pictures reminded him of the positions he put her in and her selfies reminded him of how her eyes turned white […]

Franny 18+

“I like to be … licked … you know … down there,” Franny said softly. Her deep brown eyes were fixed steadily on me as she spoke, but they flicked briefly down toward her lap when she said “… down there,” before they locked onto mine once more. Her look was bold, confident, a little […]

Vanessa 18+

Hi  Hi Hello Sup dear Hmmm Good morning ….. So because you are fine you won’t reply somebody Abi?? One day one day you will get old and wrinkled  !! Adam wasn’t sure why he had just sent her that but after weeks of trying to slide into her DM without a response he had […]

A perfect stranger 

Connections made are so often fleeting, lost in the midst of a crowded train. We are jostled along and forced to move on from our desires. Sometimes we refuse to let them go so quickly. My hands gripped the pole as the carriage heaved and hoed; my skin stinging with sweat amongst a sea of […]